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"The Catalyst Intensive and JRNI have opened a world of new highways for my story to travel on, in a very productive and helpful way for others to absorb and benefit from. For the weird ones, the questioning, the self-motivated, the curious, the compassionate, the thoughtful, the brave, the scared. If you are any of these things, and want to use your uniqueness to better the lives of others in ways you cannot yet fathom, this course is for you. Invest in yourself, take the leap of faith and trust the journey."

Beth Derrick

"I began the Catalyst Intensive at a time in my life when I was full of uncertainty, confused about who I was and what I wanted.  I ended it more confident and sure of myself, comfortable with the idea that even if my future is uncertain, I will absolutely figure it out. The course was everything I needed- validation of my human experiences, my creative desires, and the self-love I now believe I deserve."

Leslie Wier

"I am so thrilled that I took the Intensive because not only does it benefit my clients, but I feel in my day to day life, it has made me more willing to try new things, take chances and I feel pretty fearless now. I went in without feeling like I needed or even really wanted much to change in my life, but I grew SO MUCH! I believe there is never the "right time" to do things you are interested in, if you are considering it, just jump in!"

Melanie Eggleston  - 2017 Graduate

"The Catalyst Coaching Intensive changed my life. It gave me the tools and resources to become a better coach, it provided me with encouragement to jump before I was ready, all the while supporting me during and after the course- both personally and professionally. You know that thing you've been waiting for? That jump start? The reset button for your life? This is it. The Catalyst Intensive is it."

Stephanie Zoccatelli --  2017 Graduate

"This investment in myself has proven its worth, every single day since the beginning.  I’m taking away tools I can use for life coaching, but also tools for living a more productive life."

Brian Hulbert - 2017 Graduate

"You don’t have to be in a health related field to get everything you need from the Catalyst Intensive. You can be whoever you are and get exactly what you need from this course. You just have to make the decision to change your life."

Paul Harwell -- April 2017 Graduate