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Get Certified As a Life Coach with JRNI Coaching

JRNI Coaching is community-centered coach training that drives incredible personal growth, while giving you the business tools and network to launch a coaching practice that makes a difference.

One of the most exciting steps on your coaching journey is getting certified as a life coach. Check out our ICF accredited coach training program and reach your coaching goals with confidence, support and enthusiasm.

JRNI Coaching is life coach training and certification powered by:

Meaningful Education

Science-backed, evidence based training, rooted in Positive Psychology and change theory.

Real People

Our strong community is filled with imperfect people committed to changing the world.

Authenticity Above All

Held to a higher standard, we are heart-centered, highly ethical and no nonsense.

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Meet JRNI Founders:

Hi, we’re John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux. We came together almost a decade ago, brought together by a shared love of coaching and helping others. We knew we had to assemble a team to train other coaches in these same evidence-based, science-backed techniques and methods that helped our clients get unstuck and change their lives.


Get Started with Powerful Coaching Resources to Jump-Start Your Coaching Practice

Need a nudge in the right direction? Check out our incredibly useful coaching resources to help you discover if becoming a life coach is right for you. Find proven tools to help you overcome your fears and make the jump into coaching.


Listen to the Everything Life Coaching Podcast

Want audio motivation to reach your goal of becoming a coach? Join John + Noelle weekly for world-class coach training and technique, insights you won’t hear anywhere else and real talk on what it takes to start and sustain a coaching business in the modern world.

Everything Life Coaching Podcast


Life coach certification is a diverse, well-populated field, so how do you find the right life coach training program?

Here at JRNI, we’re changing the way we change, taking on the impersonal, aloof world of wellness and breaking down barriers with our team of real, passionate and authentic coaches.

Wellness isn’t just for the wealthy, we believe it’s for everyone and we’re committed to providing affordable options -- making personalized coaching available and accessible to everyone for the first time ever.
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Our signature 20-week online immersive life coach training program. Your story was meant to help others and it’s time to learn how. Your training is just the beginning and you don’t have to do it alone, plug into a company and community that offer so much more.

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Ready to go deeper? Connect virtually with someone who understands what you’re going through and is ready to help you make a plan to get unstuck. Get the accountability and personalized attention you need to co-create change with your coach, today.

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[Free Guide] 6 Steps to Start Coaching Today

Ready to learn more about what it takes to launch your own effective coaching practice? 
This free guide, written by the JRNI Coaching co-founders, will give you the tools to discover your niche, find clients and get started on your path to becoming a coach.

Plus, when you sign up -- we'll keep you up to date weekly with coaching techniques, and the occasional much-needed kick in the pants to keep you motivated on your coaching journey.

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