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The Everything Life Coaching Podcast

Discover the Magic & Science of Life Coaching

  • Positive Psychology Deep Dives
  • New Coaching Techniques
  • Actionable Business Advice
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Noelle and John

A Podcast For The Coaching Community

Everything Life Coaching is designed to keep you connected to the latest in coaching -- from new techniques to real talk about launching your own practice. If it’s related to coaching, you’ll find it here.

Everything Life Coaching will help you:

Building business icon
Build a coaching business you love
Get helpful resources & business advice for every step of the way on your journey to become a life coach and run your own practice.
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Keep tabs on the latest in coaching
Things move fast around here. You’ll stay up to date with the most current studies, developments, and techniques from the world of coaching.
Dive into positive psychology
Do you ears perk up at the mention of Martin Seligman? If that’s a yes, you’re in the right place. Tackle the big world of positive psychology and learn how to approach coaching through this lens.

Get Started Today On Becoming A Life Coach.

  • Discover your unique niche and find your authentic voice
  • Unlock the power of your story and make a bigger impact on your corner of the world, as a coach
  • There are many ways to be a coach -- find your coaching path today!

Ready to learn more about what it takes to launch your own effective coaching practice?

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Plus, when you sign up -- we'll keep you up to date weekly with coaching techniques, and the occasional much-needed kick in the pants to keep you motivated on your coaching journey.

6 Steps to Start Your Life Coaching Practice
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Meet Your Hosts

Noelle Cordeaux

Noelle Cordeaux is CEO and co-founder of JRNI. She is also a feminist scholar, coach, speaker, and sexologist who specializes in the relationship with the self. She has carved out a unique niche in the world of coaching, combining evidence-based scientific methods grounded in positive psychology with traditional, clinical sexology to help her clients gain true progress. Noelle is highly trained in positive psychology, an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Coach, holds a B.A. in Literature from Rutgers University and a Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas.

John Kim

John Kim, LMFT, AKA The Angry Therapist and co-founder of JRNI pioneered the online life coaching movement. Seven years ago, John Kim's divorce led to his total re-birth and became an unconventional therapist and life coach by working out of the box and growing his audience of like-minded people from the ground up. John's books The Angry Therapist’s No BS Guide to Finding and Living Your Own Truth and I Used to Be a Miserable Fuck: An Everyman's Guide to a Meaningful Life have inspired thousands to change their lives.

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