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Kevin Whitehead
Personal Development & Mindset Coach | Find Kevin Online
"I feel that this is what I was called to do. Nothing else I came across at the time gave me the jolt to move forward like JRNI did."
the final straw

Tell us about before you became a coach

Before becoming a coach I worked in several areas. Including owning and operating a landscaping company.

I spent significant time in the music industry as a songwriter, specifically ghostwriting. Many of what I learned from songwriting and storytelling for other artists helps me in coaching now. Learning someone’s story, helping them dream not only of how we got here, but where we would like to create shifts along the way. Falling in love with the story and where it could possibly go. Having the bond with the client of partnering together on the goal. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone achieve what they are excited with, especially when it’s close to the heart.

My last job before taking the leap into owning my own coaching practice was as an operations supervisor in a warehouse setting.

No matter what job I had or what position I held, people were always drawn to me, sharing their life experiences and obstacles they currently held. I always had an ability to help someone find a perspective that freed them from being stuck. Trying to balance the job I was being paid for, and helping associates with their personal lives was too daunting a task to sustain. Helping others was more motivation to show up to work than the money itself. Looking back it was natural I’d make this shift to coaching.

Now I can do what I love the most and get paid for it! A perspective I’m loving!

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all about you

What happened in your life to push you to FINALLY become a coach?

I was coming off of a mental breakdown. Life was beyond stressful and I decided to quit my job, pack up and move to a new state. I had some money saved and decided I'd start fresh and figure it out after I moved.

I'm very introspective and I knew that not having time for myself to do meaningful work was a major contributor to my unhappiness.

After some careful consideration, instead of helping others in their personal lives as a hobby, or side goal, making it front and center and to get paid for doing it would open up the possibilities of helping others more often and in a more mutually beneficial way.

Kevin Whitehead
compare + contrast

What other options or pathways did you consider before signing up for JRNI?

I started looking at volunteer work, or other ways to be helpful in my community, but nothing felt like a concrete path as much as JRNI Coaching to make a career with.

choosing a new path

Why did you choose coach training with JRNI?

Kevin Whitehead

I hovered around JRNI Coaching for a few months. I knew about John Kim and his philosophies.

I started seeing content alumni from JRNI put out as well as hearing Noelle Cordeaux and John Kim on their podcast together. The combination and feel that I was going to join a family is what sold me most.

life without us

What would have happened if you did not go through the JRNI Coaching Intensive?

For me specifically, I'm not sure. I made a non-negotiable for myself after quitting my job. I decided I wouldn't work for anyone or in a field that didn't nourish my soul in a meaningful way.

I feel that this is what I was called to do. Nothing else I came across at the time gave me the jolt to move forward like JRNI did.

big risks reap big rewards

What risks did you consider when thinking of becoming a coach?

My main risk was I did not have another job bringing in income. The more cautious and applauded approach is to not quit your job until you're making enough money elsewhere before the leap. Investing in myself by joining JRNI meant tracking a new budget of money going out vs in. I made a deal to stay consistent and put my all into creating a profitable coaching practice.

face your fears

What fears did you have before joining JRNI?

Imposter Syndrome. Not sure if I would be able to retain the information. I was never a fan of school settings. I always preferred to discover and be self-taught.

I had a slight fear that something I didn't consider could come up in class that would make me feel that I made the wrong decision of coaching altogether.

benefits for life

What measurable benefits have you seen as a result of becoming a coach with JRNI Coaching?

I find myself navigating uncomfortable spaces more easily. I always had some anxiety during “feeling out” periods of meeting new people.

Now I can move into rooms whether in person or online and control my space with more confidence. Having frameworks to rely on, I find myself being able to navigate sessions with clients with relative ease.

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personal growth

How have you changed since coach training with JRNI Coaching? How has your business changed?

I have changed. I am more of an extrovert than I was prior. I check in with some of my JRNI family regularly. Sometimes just to catch up. Other times to see if we can help each other out on any issues that may have come up in our day to day lives, including coaching. As for how my business changed... well, I have one now! I've been lucky to have a variety of clients so far, spanning to several countries. Not something I had envisioned for as quickly as it happened. I'm prepared for peaks and valleys, knowing it is normal to happen.

Noelle Cordeaux and John Kim

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