Coaching Podcast: The Real Impact of Burnout and Stress

September 20, 2019
Life Coaching Podcast

The Catalyst Life Coaching Podcast, featuring JRNI Coaching founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux is a deep dive into the experience and business of being a life coach. In this episode of the Catalyst Life Coaching Podcast, we discuss burnout and stress. Subscribe to get all our episodes!

While modern life is all about hustling and grinding, it’s undeniable that it will take a toll on our bodies. Your goal of building a business is good, but if you don’t fully understand the real impact of burnout, you might end up too exhausted and stressed. Practicing positive psychology is a good start, but you must also educate yourself about the real impact of burnout and stress and how it will affect your health. By knowing the symptoms, you will know when to pause and give yourself time to breathe.

Symptoms of Burnout


It may not seem like it, but irritability is one of the most common signs of burnout. If you notice yourself being easily irritated, consider that a warning sign. If you notice yourself getting annoyed by the pettiest things, that may be burnout starting to creep in. Irritability is often dismissed. Instead of paying attention as to why we get irritated too quickly, most of the time we simply tell ourselves to suck it up and get to work.

Difficulty in concentrating

Another symptom is difficulty in concentrating and this, too, is quite common. For the most part, people simply refer to it as bad days. Or creative block. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. The best way to know is to notice how bad the difficulty of concentrating is. How long has it been going on? We all have bad days and we all have moments when we can't seem to find any bright ideas. That’s normal. However, if you’re having trouble focusing on the task at hand for far too long, that may be a sign of burnout.

Disorganized ruminating thoughts on problems

It is one thing to think about a problem. It is another to totally be immersed by it. If your brain can’t stop thinking about problems and the thoughts are getting really disorganized, it’s safe to consider that as one of the real impact of burnout. Perhaps it’s time to learn how to avoid stress. Because if not, these disorganized thoughts will continue and you will have more trouble focusing on building your business. You may think you’re being productive for pushing through despite having all these “problems” but really, you’re just moving closer to burnout.


When building a business, we all get anxious about so many things. This is why we study positive psychology and come from a strengths-based approach - it serves as our anchor. However, when you're too stressed, you may be anxious about unreasonable things. You may notice yourself too worried, even on minor things, thinking about all that could go wrong. Anxiety is tricky to deal with, but once you know how to avoid stress, and once you acknowledge anxiety as a component of stress, this is when you can take steps towards dealing with it.

Difficulty sleeping

Another physical impact is difficulty in sleeping. And if you’re the type who wakes up at four in the morning and sleeps at 12 midnight, trying to juggle so many things each day, you may have a hard time noticing this sign. However, just because you don't notice it doesn't mean it’s not there. Having trouble sleeping can take a toll on your body. And instead of being able to build your business, not taking care of your health might negatively affect your business timeline.

Best Ways to Combat Burnout

Give yourself permission to take breaks

Taking breaks is one of the most effective ways to deal with burnout and stress. No matter how bad you want to keep working, keep networking, keep building things, force yourself to take breaks. It’s all about self-discipline. Draw the line between work and play. Allowing yourself to play and take breaks is a great way to recover from those tiring and mentally exhausting experiences of building a coaching business.

Understand that going slow is okay

It is fairly important for coaches and business folks of all kinds, to understand the beauty of going slow. We now live in a world where ‘fast’ is showcased as the best route to go, but it doesn't always work that way. Going slow has its own advantages, one of which is it spares you from too much stress.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help

Combating burnout is not all about doing it solo. It’s also about acknowledging that we all need help. Just because the term is ‘solopreneur’ doesn’t mean that person did it all by himself. We all need help and we all need people who support our work. So really, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. There’s nothing wrong with delegating some of the tasks. The real impact of burnout can be physically damaging. But when you start asking for help, you start to lessen the tasks at hand. And you’re giving yourself permission to take it easy.

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