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"Here's the truth: I found my own power while in this program. My biggest take away from the program was a wealth of knowledge, which in turn gave me confidence. After completing JRNI, I knew with absolute certainty that I could coach someone using the tools and techniques I was taught. Taking JRNI Coaching catapulted my coaching career leaps and bounds, and I will be forever grateful for the experience. The success I have seen is a result of JRNI Coaching. And as a successful coach, if there’s any advice I could share with you, it’s to give yourself permission to go for it."

Shay Haynie -- 2018 Graduate

Jonathan Greene headshot

"JRNI Coaching was worth far more than what I paid for. It is truly an investment in yourself first and a future business second. The best thing about this particular course is that when you complete it, you are ready to open up shop. They have given you all the tools you need to start a thriving practice. The level of support from your fellow cohorts is astonishing and the interior support from JRNI is phenomenal. They truly want you to have the best experience and are committed to helping you build a foundation for a lasting practice and personal growth. JRNI is a company that is always adjusting, listening to feedback, and putting your education first. In a sea of quick courses and weekend certifications that are available on the Internet, JRNI Coaching stands high above and puts you in the best position for future success."
Jonathan Greene -- 2019 Graduate

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"My experience in JRNI Coaching was electrifyingly eye opening. Learning the aspects of coaching and how my work as a Therapist, overlapped in the training was incredible. Concepts were reinforced, I highly benefited from getting to learn from some of the most amazing coaches in the industry. The world of wellness is changing, I finally found my tribe, my people. The program was so validating, life affirming and brought a skill set that I could create my dream career with! If you’re thinking about taking the leap, just Do it! Take it from me, you’ll be glad you did!"

Crystal Richard -- 2018 Graduate