The Catalyst Coaching Intensive Reviews and Graduate Testimonials


Avery Carrier headshot

"I didn’t expect to come into such a welcoming community of unique people around the world, but I’m so happy I did. I learned so much about myself, my life coaching style, my niche, and even more about community and acceptance. Catalyst Coaching Intensive taught me about the art of questioning, coaching techniques, mirroring other coach-to-client sessions, and most importantly the art of listening. Coming out of the Intensive as a graduate, I’ve seen myself grow into my true and highest self, and can now use that to positively impact others and use skills I didn’t have before to focus on getting my clients excited about their future. It’s just a huge bonus that the Intensive is a community that offers 24/7 connection with other coaches and students around the world.
Avery Carrier -- 2018 Graduate

Jay Zaltzman headshot

"The Catalyst Coaching Intensive surpassed my expectations. Here's why: first, it provided a great theoretical foundation, teaching me various coaching approaches and the reasons why they are effective. Second, it gave me many opportunities to actually practice coaching. And finally, even after completing the Intensive, I've continued to receive support from JRNI with additional education, help marketing and developing my business as a coach, and an extremely supportive Facebook group of Catalyst Coaching Intensive graduates."

Jay Zaltzman -- 2018 Graduate

Jason Hinkemeyer headshot

"My experience in the Catalyst Intensive was electrifyingly eye opening. Learning the aspects of coaching and how my work as a Therapist, overlapped in the training was incredible. Concepts were reinforced, I highly benefited from getting to learn from some of the most amazing coaches in the industry. The world of wellness is changing, I finally found my tribe, my people. The program was so validating, life affirming and brought a skill set that I could create my dream career with! If you’re thinking about taking the leap, just Do it! Take it from me, you’ll be glad you did!"

Crystal Richard -- 2018 Graduate

"The Catalyst Intensive and JRNI have opened a world of new highways for my story to travel on, in a very productive and helpful way for others to absorb and benefit from. For the weird ones, the questioning, the self-motivated, the curious, the compassionate, the thoughtful, the brave, the scared. If you are any of these things, and want to use your uniqueness to better the lives of others in ways you cannot yet fathom, this course is for you. Invest in yourself, take the leap of faith and trust the journey."

Beth Derrick -- 2016 Graduate

"I began the Catalyst Intensive at a time in my life when I was full of uncertainty, confused about who I was and what I wanted.  I ended it more confident and sure of myself, comfortable with the idea that even if my future is uncertain, I will absolutely figure it out. The course was everything I needed- validation of my human experiences, my creative desires, and the self-love I now believe I deserve."

Leslie Wier -- 2015 Graduate

"I am so thrilled that I took the Intensive because not only does it benefit my clients, but I feel in my day to day life, it has made me more willing to try new things, take chances and I feel pretty fearless now. I went in without feeling like I needed or even really wanted much to change in my life, but I grew SO MUCH! I believe there is never the "right time" to do things you are interested in, if you are considering it, just jump in!"

Melanie Eggleston  -- 2017 Graduate

Michelle Rabell headshot

"Before I joined the Catalyst Intensive I felt a lot of solitude and disconnect. I was running my own business and though love what I do, but there was something missing. As a business coach, I didn't know how becoming a life coach would benefit me, but I listened to my gut knew there was something that could make the work I do with my clients deeper and more effective. After joining the Intensive, it all began to fall into place. Not only was I becoming a more well-rounded coach, but I learned more about myself than I imagined I would. My habits changed and I felt a new sense of belonging as I became a part of this powerful community of smart, soulful, down-to-earth coaches who have become friends and confidantes. With the Catalysts behind me, I am more confident, have growth and business opportunities that are offered to me almost daily through the group, and I am serving my clients at a higher level."

Michelle Rabell -- 2017 Graduate

Aileen Uy headshot

"Despite having experience working in the mental health field and being well versed in a clinical therapeutic practice, the Catalyst Course Intensive provided the missing pieces of the puzzle. While my clinical therapeutic background provided me with the tools to help people heal, being a catalyst has supplemented my tool box to help people grow.  On a personal level, having gone through the course as provided me with an opportunity to learn a better way to love, live and perceive the world."

Aileen Uy -- 2015 Graduate

Diorella Manzano headshot

"The Catalyst Intensive was a life changing experience for me. I can't say enough good things about it. Not only did I pick up life coaching and leadership skills, I learned about entrepreneurship and branding, which I feel is missing from a lot of life coaching certification programs. The people in my cohort are genuine, positive and incredibly supportive and at the end of the program we truly became a family! I also love the program because once you complete it, there is continuing support and you have a huge network of coaches, not to mention JRNI staff for support as well as so many tools at your disposal to grow yourself as a coach. One of the opportunities available to you is that you can coach for JRNI while setting up your own business should you choose to do so. JRNI is growing as a company and as a community and I'm incredibly excited and beyond happy to be a part of it."

Diorella Manzano -- 2018 Graduate

Marie Senizaiz headshot

"I was in a major life transition when I decided to take the Catalyst Intensive. With no clear expectations I jumped in and was blown away from day one!! From the comfort of my own home each week I was being handed the tools for that "forever kind of change" we all dream of but not sure how to go about making happen. The entire Intensive experience never actually ends, it continues to be the best decision I ever made."
Marie Senzaiz - 2018 Graduate

Charlene Corpus headshot

"I had been a client of John Kim’s 5 years ago; working intensively with him, I completely changed my life in 2 months. After a few years of life experience, I came back to John and JRNI to help others change their lives the same way he helped me, not expecting to find a chosen family or my purpose and calling along the way. I’m proof that people can completely change their lives from this work, whether they’re a client or a coach. Your life will never be the same - and maybe that’s the best thing about the Intensive."

Charlene Corpus -- 2017 Graduate

Jason Hinkemeyer headshot

"The Catalyst Coaching Intensive was a life changing experience. Not only do you learn about becoming a life coach, but you also learn so much about yourself. All the instructors were beyond amazing and experts at what they taught. I couldn't have asked for anything more. The most unexpected thing I gained from the intensive was life long friends. I made connections that I don't have words to describe my feelings. JRNI is more than a Life Coach training business, it is a family. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for more out of their life."

Jason Hinkemeyer -- 2018 Graduate

Damian headshot

"When I found this course, something clicked inside and I decided to follow up so that I could figure out what's going on in life and have a better grasp of my reality. After taking the course I felt better able to navigate my own life and I started prioritizing the things in my life I care about. I learned that I need to take care of myself. If you don't do that, people are going to miss out on all your cool. Also, taking the course with like minded cool people really, really helps!"
Damian D. -- 2018 Graduate

David P headshot

"Wow, wow, wow! So thrilled to be a part of the journey. There is so much pain and hurt in the world, it's a joy to be a part of a team that brings hope and love."

David P.
-- 2018 Graduate

Jennifer Spore headshot

"I've done a fair amount of training courses in my day, and this one exceeded expectations. I began implementing the strategies, both personally and professionally, and saw immediate results. The best part is that the experience doesn't end when the training does! They are actively implementing improvements based on real time feedback and the alumni community is INCREDIBLE."

Jennifer Spore -- 2018 Graduate

"The Catalyst Coaching Intensive changed my life. It gave me the tools and resources to become a better coach, it provided me with encouragement to jump before I was ready, all the while supporting me during and after the course- both personally and professionally. You know that thing you've been waiting for? That jump start? The reset button for your life? This is it. The Catalyst Intensive is it."

Stephanie Zoccatelli --  2017 Graduate

"This investment in myself has proven its worth, every single day since the beginning.  I’m taking away tools I can use for life coaching, but also tools for living a more productive life."

Brian Hulbert -- 2017 Graduate

"You don’t have to be in a health related field to get everything you need from the Catalyst Intensive. You can be whoever you are and get exactly what you need from this course. You just have to make the decision to change your life."

Paul Harwell -- 2017 Graduate

pedro pinto headshot

"If you want to rock someone's world, this is the front door for you to enter.The question is: are you bold enough? I was already a coach; what it brought was more from life coaching - something that was 100% meaningful to me. Awesome people, terrific support!"

Pedro Pinto -- 2016 Graduate

Caitlyn Boyle headshot

"When you leave the Catalyst Intensive, it's not just a virtual handshake and a certificate, it is the beginning of a journey. The community is alive and spilling over with resources and support."

Caitlin Boyle -- 2015 Graduate

Jenn Reddy headshot

"The instructors are incredible.  They are well culled and come with lots of great insight and information.  At the end of every session I want more."

Jenn Reddy -- 2017 Graduate

Angela Carlson headshot

"The Catalyst Coaching Intensive has been an incredible experience. The instructors are extremely skilled and knowledgeable, and bring such genuine interest in our learning to class. The connections I've made with the people in my class are strong, they feel like family now, and the support we share is priceless. Not only have I learned ways to help people, the class also taught me so much about myself, and I know that I have evolved as a person. My life is better, and has a purpose and focus that I can't imagine being without. This class is the best thing I have done for my future both professionally and personally."

Angela Carlson -- 2018 Graduate