Why Setting Daily Intentions Matters So Much

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January 15, 2020
Health and Wellness

Having daily intentions is like having a detailed road map for your visions and goals. Without it, you’re basically just living but not exerting effort in the direction of your goals. And you end up wondering why it’s a struggle to achieve what you want. Whether you’re planning to build a life coaching business or you simply want to improve your life, setting daily intentions can help.

But why does it matter so much? Why do many people swear by setting daily intentions and why it is considered that important?

Why Setting Daily Intentions Matter

We all want to be successful in life. Everyone has their own definition of what that looks like, and even though there’s often some overlap -- mostly we all have our own way of thinking about success. The world is full of roadblocks and there are days when you find yourself having a hard time functioning. Or even just getting out of bed. Setting our daily intentions is like having a toolbox that will help you deal with stress and setbacks and remind you to stay in the present moment. Why you’re here, what your goals are, and the plan you set out to achieve those visions and goals. With a lot of practice, staying in the present moment becomes second nature, and living intentionally will help you navigate through this busy world and stay on track with your simple goals in life.

Healthy Daily Intentions to Help You Achieve Your Visions and Goals

I intend to love myself unconditionally

Self-love is a great place to start. Regardless of where you are in life right now, regardless of your wins and struggles, you deserve to be loved. Many of us think we need someone or that we need to be in a relationship to be complete. We don’t. Those things are good things, but self-love has a different way of fueling us. And if you practice loving yourself more and more each day, you will see how positively it can affect you.

I intend to be kind to others

Another great daily intention to practice is to be kind to everyone. Kind is far different than nice. Kind is clear, kind is thoughtful, and it’s more than just a quick smile without substance. We all have those days when we’re short-tempered. What we mean by being kind is to truly, genuinely be kind. Be present to the people you care about. Offer advice but also offer a safe space for them to pour out emotions. Check in on them. This, even when you feel like that person doesn't deserve kindness. Even when that person - be it someone you know or a stranger - wasn’t kind to you. Cultivating kindness is a great way to build positive connections with people and it also makes life less heavy.

I intend to be productive and also to rest

As mentioned, one of the reasons why setting daily intentions matters is because it helps us focus on our goals. It serves as our roadmap so even when the process is slow, we know we’re on the right track. That said, being more intentional to do the work and be productive is key. However,  it’s important to know you have to balance it with rest. If you allow yourself to be productive, if you keep pushing yourself to hustle and grind endlessly, you need to allow your mind and body to pause and rest as well. Reminding yourself of this every single day, and applying it when possible, can make massive changes in your long term well-being.

I intend to embrace the process

Whether you’re building a life coaching business or you're transitioning from a day job to freelancing, there is a process. No matter how small the change may be, in every change and shift, there is a process. And it would be great if you can practice being more intentional about embracing the changes and the journey along the way. Let's be honest here, skipping steps isn’t really that beneficial. And fighting the process, being annoyed because it's slow or because it’s roadblock after roadblock, it will just stress you out. Keep your eye on the prize and work towards making baby steps as you go, taking stock of how far you’ve already come!

I intend to be gentle with myself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Oftentimes, we set the bar too high and then we kick ourselves for not reaching it. When setting goals, even with the help of healthy practices like meditation and daily intentions, it’s smart to set realistic goals. Having a life coach yourself or becoming a life coach doesn't mean you can now achieve ridiculous goals in a fairly short amount of time. A life coach is there to help you focus, hold you accountable, make an action plan, deal with the roadblocks, help you manage your emotions, and provide you the tools to be able to do magic in life on your own. So instead of being too harsh, practice being more gentle with yourself, with or without a life coach.

I intend to stop taking things personally

Every unfollow, every comment, every NO, we tend to take everything so personally these days. This will just hurt your ego and creativity and self-esteem. A potential client said NO for reasons that have nothing to do with you, and your offerings as a life coach. Someone unfollowed your business social media probably because her life changed and your content no longer aligns with her new values. People change. People have all sorts of reasons why they do what they do. Focus on yourself and on working to achieve make your visions a reality. The more you lean into your story, and your niche, the more you’ll attract the right kind of people.

I intend to practice what I preach

This may be one of the most important and most difficult to adhere to!Especially for those who are already certified life coaches and who are building their businesses. The whole point of being a life coach isn't just to have a fulfilling business. It’s also about giving yourself space to grow as a person. So practice what you preach so you can truly understand what and why you’re teaching people the techniques you teach them. Don’t just offer advice to people, show them you are valuing your own advice by practicing and applying them too.

Benefits of Having Daily Intentions

Better focus and productivity

Daily intentions are not about who you are in this exact moment, but a road map about who you want to be. What you want to contribute to the world and to yourself on a daily basis. When you keep voicing your intentions on a daily basis, allowing a more intentional way of living, you train your mind to be more focused. You train your mind to quiet down the noise because you have these intentions to focus on and you want to actually practice them. With great focus comes great productivity.

Eliminates perceived limitations

This daily practice also helps eliminate perceived limitations. Aside from setting the bar too high, another common habit we have is that we limit ourselves too much. As a result, we end up not achieving the greatest things in life because even before doing it, we’re already convinced we can't do it. But by setting daily intentions, it can change your life in the greatest ways, eliminating doubt and limitations, opening you to bigger, grander results.

Allows you to notice the things you may have missed

Intentional living may mean having a clear way of how to achieve your visions in life. But it’s also helpful in noticing the small things you may have missed. It’s a daily practice that keeps you grounded, humbled and encourages you to pay attention to what surrounds you. It enables you  to value the people around you and the events happening, even when they’re not that pleasant. Because even when you're struggling, there’s a lesson to be learned. If you’re too fixated on getting up and moving on, you might miss those small but important lessons.

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