Why Become an ICF Certified Life Coach?

May 11, 2020
Life Coaching

There are four major reasons to make the decision to become an ICF credentialed, certified life coach. It may not be necessary for your path as a coach, but the extra training and confidence in your own skills can be a much needed boost!

#1 To improve your coaching skills for your clients

Continuing to grow in coaching mastery, especially within the framework of ICF credentialing training means you will absorb and understand the core competencies at a much higher level and be able to use them in a more profound way. When your coaching mastery grows, your skills and abilities grow, and the way in which you are able to serve your clients grows as well. 

If you choose to continue to pursue higher levels of credentialing, from ACC to PCC to MCC, your coaching skills and your understanding of the core competencies will continue to grow as well, giving you the ability to serve your clients even more fully.

#2 To use your ICF credential to create new opportunities and open doors not available otherwise

The biggest reason to become an ICF credentialed coach is the unique opportunities that are available to those with the credential. Since coaching is a largely unregulated and emerging field, the ICF is the closest thing we have to a governing body. Therefore, many employers and larger companies require an ICF credential to be considered for certain opportunities or jobs. Many ICF coaches report that they were considered for coaching roles withing larger organizations BECAUSE of their ICF credential.

Many larger companies and corporations are highly aware of coaching, use coaches for their executive teams and have even gotten members of staff trained as coaches. They are aware of the ICF as an organization and require those who work with their staff to be ICF credentialed coaches, as they can then be assured of the standardization of the education -- that ICF coaches have been through a certain process and met certain standards.

#3 To continue to improve your coaching skills for yourself

Leveling up your skills by going through the ICF credentialing process will help your clients, open new doors and give you opportunities you may not have had otherwise, but your own coaching skills are most impacted by ongoing training and diving deeper into the core competencies. 

Part of the great joy of gaining coaching mastery is seeing the difference coaching makes in our own lives, how we are impacted by gaining knowledge and adding to our own skill sets. Coaching skills influence our relationships, make us better partners and parents, and give us tools and techniques to bring more of ourselves to every part of our lives. 

If you’re on the fence, consider that investing in ourselves is always a good bet, and that over time continuing to grow in knowledge and skill pays off in ways we can’t imagine.

#4 To work with a certain client

If you know you want to work in the corporate realm and serve executives, then the matter of credentialing will come up more often than if you build your practice around serving everyday consumer clients in the health and wellness space. Your story and your message are your gold, and clients want to be sure that you connect deeply with them in those ways. When handling larger corporate accounts or executive clients, it may be necessary to draw more heavily from certain core coaching competencies in order to best serve the client.

For many people, an MBA is necessary to apply for certain jobs. Similarly, if you know your path lies in the world of business, then it makes sense that you'll need an ICF credential to access those clients you're most interested in serving.

As coach training continues to grow, coaches will need to differentiate themselves and you may not even know what you’re missing out on without a credential. Yes, being ICF credentialed will open doors on a larger scale, but it won’t close deals FOR you. You as a coach, your methods and strategies, your experience and everything else that makes YOU the coach you are -- that is what will ultimately play a role in whether or not you get the job. 

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