What Kind of Coach Should I Become? Let's Find Out

July 25, 2019
Life Coaching

Okay, there are a bunch of ‘finding your niche’ articles out there. In fact, we’ve written about it a couple of times already as well. So why another article about it? Well, for the simple reason that not all tips and advice work for everybody. Sometimes, people really don't have a clue about what their specific, unique niche is. Other times, however, you already know what you want to focus on, it’s just that you are overwhelmed AF. And overcoming that overwhelm is what’s going to help you answer the question -- What kind of coach should I become?

Who do I want to serve?

We know… this is a very generic question you’ve probably read a million times. But the thing about getting crystal clear about who you want to serve is that it can hugely affect your coaching business. Knowing the answer to this isn’t simply knowing the answer to your question, what kind of coach should I become, but more than that, it’s going to help you understand why you want to be a coach in the first place. What called you to make a bigger impact? What was it about this particular client that ignited your passions and made you excited to work with them?

So, ask yourself who you want to serve.  Know that there are various types of coaches out there and in order to set yourself apart and actually build a stable business, you need to know who you want to work with.

Why do I want to serve these people?

Next is the why… Why do you want to serve these people on your list? We get it, this question requires a lot of writing, thinking, doodling and maybe even staring out into space for kind of a long time as you let yourself think, but bear with us here because this question is powerful, especially when it comes to understanding your coaching niche. For each group of people, you should write down why you want to serve them.

What is it about this group of people that you want to work with them and make an impact in their lives. Be specific! Write down everything that comes to mind, from their struggles to their joys. Every little thing can spark an idea or help move you in the right direction.

What are my personal goals?

This is sensitive but when it comes to business, there’s no running away from goals. It’s time to be real and brutally honest with yourself on this one. It is very important to understand what your 1-year, or say, 2-year financial goal is, as well as what you're hoping to achieve beyond that. If people need to understand how to find the right life coach for them, you should also understand what your specific and personal goals are when it comes to your coaching practice. More than that, you should have a concrete plan on what to do and how to achieve such those goal.

You cannot achieve your financial goals if you're trying to attract the wrong clients and there's just no synergy or spark. Think about trying to eat spagetti using only a knife -- it's a good tool, it's just not the right tool for the job. You want to be the exact right coach for the exact right kind of person, and you can't find them if you're trying to serve the wrong clients.

So, don’t just focus on answering the question what kind of coach should I become, pay attention to the goals you set for yourself as well. Believe it or not, sometimes, the goals we set for ourselves are the ones causing overwhelm, and clouding our minds from knowing exactly what kind of coach we should be.

Can I achieve my goals with the niche I chose?

Okay, time to look at the list of folks you’ve chosen to work with, oftentimes called client avatar, and be honest with yourself - can this group of people afford my rates? If not, Is there an organization I could work with to reach these clients? There are MANY different ways to be a coach. What are the different options I have here? (This is where research comes in handy.) There are many types of coaches out there, so before you pick which one you want to be, know whether or not your choice of clients can afford your rates and help you reach your financial and personal goals.

This is not an easy process. Sometimes, we tend to be too connected with our client avatar that by hook or by crook, we’d want to work with them.  Don’t worry if you’re feeling this, you’re not alone. Coaching is a growing field, but finding the right kind of clients can still take some trial and error.

Am I in this for the long haul?

Knowing the answer to what kind of coach should I become is not easy. And the journey to achieving things in this business, the journey to building stability and getting to a place where you find freedom as a coach, it’s also not easy. You must be ready for the possibility that things may not work the way you have planned. Because it happens… so ask yourself if you’re in it for the long haul. Even if it takes many years to build a solid business, are you in this for the long haul? Now that you know what is a coaching niche, would you still want to work with this group of people no matter the struggle and challenges? If your answer is an emphatic YES then by all means, go focus on that niche.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a successful coaching practice -- but with grit and determination and the right support, you'll find your own unique path as a coach.

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