The State of Life Coaching and Wellness in 2019 and Beyond

Hello Everyone!  I hope that 2019 has been knocking your socks off so far!  This is a question on coaching and the wellness industry that came in from one of our webinar listeners and I thought it was such a good one that I wanted to share it with everyone:

What's considered the wellness industry? It's very broad. Do you need to be trained in all areas?

The Global Wellness Institute is where I go to source all of my industry data; it is an excellent resource. According to their  Global Wellness Economy 2019 Report , wellness is defined as the “active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”  The wellness industry is made up of any business that helps consumers incorporate wellness activities into their daily lives. Right now there are ten sectors in the global wellness economy and coaching can fit into every single one of them:

  1. Personal Care, Beauty & Anti-Aging
  2. Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss
  3. Wellness Tourism
  4. Traditional & Complementary Medicine
  5. Wellness Real Estate  
  6. Fitness & Mind-Body
  7. Preventive & Personalized Medicine and Public Health
  8. Spa Economy
  9. Thermal /Mineral Springs
  10. Workplace Wellness

All ten wellness sectors are dynamic, interconnected and are linked to the wellness economy as a whole. They are all components of a “wellness ecosystem” that nurtures lifestyles of wellbeing and longevity. According to the Global Wellness Institute:

In the face of longer lifespans, rising chronic disease, stress, and unhappiness, consumers are re-examining their lives and focusing attention on what makes them well – particularly the places and ways in which they live, work, and travel. The wellness economy reflects those shifting priorities, alongside a growing recognition of the critical impact of physical and social environments on our health and wellbeing.

You do not have to be an expert in every single area as a coach and you do not have to limit yourself to working in just one sector of the wellness market.  

As consumers integrate wellness into all aspects of daily lives, we can expect the wellness sectors to morph into three core spheres: communities, workplace wellness and wellness tourism.

Now let's break this down from a coaching perspective and I will give you some real-life examples of what our coaches are doing out there in the world. Coaching is so often mistaken for a singular niche and a service that is tied to one client per one hour.  This couldn’t be further from the truth; rather coaching is a communication methodology that allows a coach to lead individuals, groups, and organizations to a state of authentic flourishing.  Once you learn the basics of how to communicate as a coach and how to MOVE people, your niche, or the way in which you choose to work can be a reflection of both your core passions AND your ever-changing interests.  

Emily is one of our coaches who lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  When she began the Catalyst Intensive she had just left her job as a professional makeup artist at a big name news outlet in NYC.  When we first spoke on the phone she told me how some of the most beautiful women in the world sat in her makeup chair and spilled their guts to her about their lives and physical insecurities.  The grind, the toll, and the pressures of corporate existence became too much for Emily and her sweet husband and so they both quit their jobs and lived all over the country until they found their forever home in Asheville. Now re-settled and re-claiming life Emily has partnered with a local photographer to give every-day women the chance to feel beautiful in front of a camera.  It takes COACHING to give a woman the confidence to show up as herself, along with beautifully applied professional makeup.  Emily also does bridal and fashion work and just opened up her own space for photoshoots. This is an example of a life passion that fits into the Personal Care, Beauty & Anti-Aging sector of wellness where combined with coaching know-how, Emily is on the cutting edge of providing a wellness service for her community.  You can check her out here, Emily Dawn Makeup.

Now let's take a stab at the wellness sectors of Wellness Tourism, Traditional & Complementary Medicine, and Fitness & Mind-Body.  

How can one coach build a practice around all three you say? Well… Virginia is one of our OG Catalysts.  Virginia went through our program in the early days.  She and I have known each other virtually for years and it was positively overwhelming when we met in person this summer at one of our coaching events at Wanderlust.  I sobbed big happy tears.  Anyway! Virginia followed our business tool-kit to the letter and began accountability coaching with another of her cohort members upon graduation.  Years later Virginia has built a beautiful business that includes a fabulously successful annual retreat. In the early days, she focused on joy and grief and now has expanded to include movement and spiritual practice. Virginia is on a compassionately relentless mission to remind women of who they really are. Her coaching work centers on using this truth to take action and change your life.  It has been pure joy to watch Virginia take flight and her business is fittingly called Flying Vee.

Next up: Workplace Wellness.  

Workplace Wellness has lots of buzz these days and there are a million different ways to approach it from a coaching perspective.  Lots of our graduates have chosen the path of mindfulness and have pitched and crafted mindfulness coaching programs at yoga studios, inner-city youth centers and corporate outlets. Time, planning, and repetition have made these coaches successful but for this vignette, I want to talk about one of our male coaches and the road less traveled.  Remember that coaching is not the niche that you choose but rather the communication methodology that you choose to deliver your message with.  When this coach joined the Catalyst intensive he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to get out of it.  He did not have big dreams to become a six-figure coach; he already has a great life. He just wanted to be a better communicator, a better listener, a better husband, and a better dad.  He was transformed by the learning in the Catalyst Intensive and not only did he reach new heights of understanding with his family but he became a celebrated published author and has helped so many through his writing.

Once you learn how to communicate as a coach, your whole world shifts and without even trying, this coach shifted his work life as well!  For years he had worked outdoors and on the road.  A bit of time after taking the Catalyst Intensive he gained a reputation at work for being an excellent communicator.  He has a way with words that truly puts others at ease.  The higher-ups began to notice and soon he was asked to come along with head administrators when they had to have tough conversations because he had the magic touch.  Fast forward and this coach now has his own beautiful office and does a job that he loves serving his community using his hard earned skill as a worker alongside of coaching technique.  We all freaked out when we heard the news and couldn’t be prouder of this fine man.  

As you can see, coaching is many things and the opportunities for a career change, growth, and expansion are endless.  We have anchored our program in the wellness industry specifically because of the vast opportunity.  There is no magic formula but passion combined with coaching does make magic happen!

As always, we are here to help you sort through it all… please feel free to book a call to talk to me or one of our coaches at the Catalyst Coaching Intensive to gain some clarity on your own potential!  Wishes for a great week!


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