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July 1, 2019

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Building your own business takes a lot of time and patience. But if you look at the benefits of being a life coach, not just in the business perspective but also personal, the list of benefits is endless. Which is why people today are truly seeing the beauty of the life, business, and personal coaching industry. If you have grit, resilience and have recieved excellent training from a qualified coaching program, you won’t just be a good coach, but you’ll also learn how to actually build a business that reflects your unique skills and talents. One of the biggest gifts of thriving coaching practice is the freedom you experience in your own coach practice.

What are those freedoms? Well I'm glad you asked --

Freedom from a set schedule

One of the best parts of being your own boss is that you can also set your own schedule. Of course, it requires a lot of hustling at the beginning. That’s what it looks like in the beginning anyway. You know what they say -- it takes ten years to become an overnight success. Hustle, sleepless nights, lots of networking, learning, growing, reading and googling. But once you’ve built your own business and you’ve developed your own coaching practice, you’ll be able to take things at a pace that works for you. You can go at your own pace and set your own schedule. No boss or employer will set that schedule for you.

Freedom to choose your own clients

Choosing your own clientele is a big one. The thing about coaching is that most beginners think it’s all about serving everybody. It’s not. The purpose of a life coach is to work closely with clients to help them co-create the future and transform their lives, and you may not be the exact right coach for everyone. Once you’ve developed your own coaching practice and once you’ve harnessed your skills and unlocked the power of your own story, you can make the most of the benefits of being a life coach. You now have the freedom to choose your own clients, focus on your niche, and keep growing in that realm. Experiencing the freedom of your own coach practice isn’t an overnight miracle but with hard work, it will happen.

Freedom to use your story to help others

Using your story to help others is powerful. Not only is it an effective tool to be a good coach but it’s also highly impactful. The thing is, most of us hide our stories, we try to rip out chapters or gloss over the painful phases. Our stories are not purely full of sunshine and happiness, and as humans, we’re kind of wired to hide the sad parts of it for fear of being vulnerable. But when learning how to become a personal coach, you will learn that your own story is the exact reason others will want to work with you, and that your background has made YOU uniquely positioned to help others find hope and make progress. Once you start building your business and your practice, you will start to experience the freedom to use your story to help and impact others and see the difference it makes. People are drawn to authenticity and to people who live out in the open.

Freedom to create your own environment

What type of work environment do you want? Are you the work anywhere type of person or do you want to work in silence? Are you a big fan of collaborations or do you want to try things out on your own first? The freedom of your own coach practice is not only about having to set your own schedule, it comes with everything. Including the freedom to create your own work environment. And this is, no doubt, one of the best things of being an entrepreneur. And of course, a major benefit of being a life coach.

Freedom from financial constraints

Okay, just like any business, when you’re still starting, it's highly advisable you have a good amount of savings and a backup plan, as well as even keeping your day job as you build your side business into a fulltime practice. Once things start picking up and your coaching business is growing, you’ll slowly realize the financial freedom it can give. And by financial freedom, it’s not just about big money. It’s also about the freedom to choose your rates, offer discounts, everything in between. Get creative. This is your business. Many coach training programs fail to educate people on the business side of coaching, so be sure you have great financial advice and support from a fellow community of coaches who are working together to succeed.

Freedom to build or pause when needed

Maybe you have a good stretch of time to focus on your business and grow. Perhaps you need to pause, and take care of the rest of life for a while. Many people wonder how to become a personal coach because they want to have freedom and their own business. Period. And coaching is becoming a big hit for the right reasons -- there's a million different ways to be a coach or use coaching in what you're already doing. But if you come to think of it, being a coach isn’t really just about having your own business, per se. But also about growing as a person. The purpose of a life coach is vast, and aside from helping others, in this unique form of business, you also have the freedom to decide when to hustle and grow like crazy and when to pause, step back and take a break. And this, with the help of a fellow coaching buddy, will be highly beneficial for your own personal growth.

Freedom to create something from scratch

Feeling scared to create something from scratch? Yep. We know exactly how that feels. That's why we’re dedicated not just in providing a world-class coach training program but also a solid support system with a community that cares. When it comes to building your own coach practice, it's going to feel a lot like building something from scratch. And that's exciting! It's yours, and it's new! It's going to take a lot of trial and error to know which practice works best for you and your chosen niche of clients. But with the right support system, you’ll be able to see the benefits that freedom of your own coach practice can give you. And the best thing about starting from scratch? You can always go back to the drawing board and start over again, try new things and find freedom along the way.

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