The Five Growing Coaching Niches Where Story Matters

As a coach, one of our main objectives is to build a positive working relationship with our clients. Your vast knowledge of how to be a life coach or how to motivate clients to move forward is less effective if you don’t have a good grasp on the importance of storytelling. And with the coaching business getting more and more popular these days, it’s highly advisable to determine a solid niche to focus on.

We’re not saying pick one and stick with it forever. But when you’re starting to build your coaching business, you want to be as laser-focused as you can on who you want to serve. So, how the heck do you check all these boxes? By figuring out the fastest growing coaching niches, knowing which of those best align with your values, and injecting effective storytelling into your coaching practice.

Growing Coaching Niche: Business Coaching

Business coaching will never go out of style, and may be the form of coaching people are most familiar with. Our world is becoming more and more creative and customers care more than ever about who they do business with -- because of this, businesses are finally seeing the importance of uniqueness. Today, being “the best” has taken on a totally different meaning. Business coaching is undeniably one of the fastest growing coaching niches. You may have more competition out there, but the client pool is also large. If you’re not happy with business coaching in general, you can always choose to scale down your client pool and have a more specific focus, such as business coaching for millennials, or for creative entrepreneurs. The possibilities are endless.

Why story matters in business coaching

One way to set yourself apart is to make sure your personal story and transformational arc is part of your coaching business. This is the main reason why storytelling matters in this niche. Business can't be devoid of personality anymore. People these days are drawn to enthusiasm, emotion, experience and excellence. People want practical strategies but also, raw, human experience and stories that show what can be possible. So don’t think twice about injecting bits of your story in your business coaching practice. Start small and once you notice its impact, grow from there.

Growing Coaching Niche: Clarity Coaching

If there’s one thing we all have in common, that would be the experience of being confused and overwhelmed. Confusion and overwhelm work hand in hand and they negatively affect our way of living. They can paralyze us instead of propelling us to where we want to be.

This is where clarity coaching comes into the picture. If this is your beat, but you don’t know where to start, you can begin by learning how to be a life coach then slowly transition into being a clarity life coach or what most people refer to as clarity coach. Yes, this is a niche! Google it! So many things happen in our daily lives, that it's not a surprise people get sidetracked and lost. Your innate story, mixed with skills learned and developed from a reputable training program would be a great help, especially given that this niche is growing fast.

Why story matters in clarity coaching

As a clarity coach, your goal is to help your clients gain more clarity in everything - life, business, relationships, self-development, you name it… but before you can guide and coach your client, you must also be able to demonstrate at the very beginning of your coaching sessions, what kind of role clarity plays in your own life. This means telling your story, and highlighting the times that finding clarity brought about real change in your life. Yes, the importance of storytelling has so much weight here, especially that being a clarity coach requires building rock-solid relationships with confused, overwhelmed clients.

Growing Coaching Niche: Female Empowerment Coaching

Female empowerment plays a vital role in today's society, especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement and the growing awareness of harassment, pay inequality and other issues that impact women. Women often find themselves at important crossroads without anyone to help guide them towards defined goals, finding their voice and using it for good.

As a woman empowerment coach, your main job is to guide your client through finding herself, rebuilding what’s broken, and to see that empowerment can be found from within as she tackles change and issues moving forward.

Why story matters in female empowerment coaching

How does storytelling play into this? Empowerment is all about owning your story - the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it. It’s about being proud of everything you've been through and how your story has shaped you into the woman that you are today. And one of the best ways to coach your clients on this is to show them the importance of storytelling in your life. As a person, as a coach, and as a solopreneur. The experiences you've lived through and the stories you can share, the lessons you've learned along the way are invaluable.

Growing Coaching Niche: Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching has evolved throughout the years and today, it is still one of the fastest growing coaching niches. (The wellness market is $4.2 trillion dollars!) The best thing about this niche is that it is so flexible. Not only is the client pool enormous, but you also have so many ways to be as laser-focused as you work to make sure you only attract clients whose passions align with yours. Given that your focus is the wellbeing of your client, it’s vital to coach from within. And your stories matter, even when you think they don’t. Your own experiences with wellness, from your struggles to your personal triumphs make a big impact in this niche.

Why story matters in wellness coaching

In the field of wellness coaching, many mentors and coaches focus on tips and techniques on how to maintain a well-balanced life. This means you need to first assess the emotional as well as physical state of your client, and from there, develop a technique or practice that will work for the both of you. This is easier said than done, which is why your personal stories as a coach and the effective way of sharing and utilizing them, can be your edge to becoming a better coach.

Growing Coaching Niche: Productivity Coaching

Who needs a productivity coach when there are a bunch of apps helping us to be more productive? The thing about productivity is that it is interwoven with deep focus. No matter how many apps you have on your phone, if you have difficulty in focusing, those apps are still pretty much useless. That said, as a productivity coach, you must know how to fuse positive psychology and focusing techniques to effectively help your clients achieve their goals. You won't just guide them through a better, more productive life. More important than this, you will also show them how productivity impacts your life and how massive the results are. One other great thing about this niche is your opportunity to help prevent burnout and overwhelm!

Why story matters in productivity coaching

For most people, productivity coaching is a form of technical coaching, similar to business coaching. What’s important here is to look at this coaching niche in the lens most suitable for you. And if that means sharing your story of how productivity is your jam and helped improve your life, go for it. Often times it's less about tips and tricks and more about helping overwhelmed people make a plan for getting unstuck. Your own personal story plays a big role here, especially if you're a highly productive person who can help bring some strategy and order to those who need it most.

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