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November 11, 2018

The first time I said out loud that I wanted to become a life coach was to my Dad. We were driving out to the ocean on a sandy road and the air was grey-green and salty. My Dad, ever the skeptic, snorted and said, “Life Coach!? That’s not a real thing.”

“Yes it is,” I insisted. The week before I had longingly taped an article to my fridge about trends in wellness and how life coaching was poised to become big business. That was in 2008. The article was right, my Dad was wrong and I am now the CEO of this life coaching company.

Amanda, myself and Julie -- all part of Team JRNI

It feels surreal that ten years has passed. If my younger self could see what life looks like now, her mind would be blown.

In 2008, I was on the brink of getting divorced. I was still recovering from eating disorders, still battling depression, still struggling with my worth as a woman, as a human and the world seemed very scary and very hard. I was searching and searching for a way out of my reality and for a path back to myself; back to a joyful existence.

I had been reading about happiness, how it works and lights up your brain, how so much of the misery we impose on ourselves is a construction and how with intentional steps, grit and determination, radical transformation is possible. I couldn’t see it at the time but I was drawn to life coaching because the support that I hoped to give to others was what I wanted and needed for myself.

I enrolled in and completed my first coach training program. I filled up on all of the science that I love and techniques that I still use and now teach. I slowly and timidly began to coach people. One of the most peculiar things about giving is that you really do get so much more in return.

Every person I have coached has changed me.

I have been humbled, honored, brought to my knees with admiration and awe of what these folks did for themselves and built with the lumber of their lives.

When John Kim and I began training coaches through the Catalyst Coaching Intensive the personal rewards grew richer. Yes, we pulled together the best of what is out there and lined up awesome instructors but I can’t take credit for the magic.

The science of coaching is transformational. There is no way to interact with this material and not be bettered, lifted, changed. I see cohort after cohort of students graduate with renewed zest for life, deep friendships, and confidence to fuel steady ambition.

I selfishly teach the last class to sop up all of the love, connection, and beautiful visions for the future. It fuels me, too.

If you have been thinking about becoming a life coach and would like to say it outloud to another human who believes in the future of coaching and believes in your capacity to heal yourself by giving to others, book a call with me or one of our admissions counselors.

You will find a vibrant, compassionate community waiting for you.

Your future self is excited to give you a big hug and tell you that everything turned out beautifully.


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