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Life Coach Spotlight: Julie Martin | Brahmani Yoga

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February 21, 2020
Life Coach Spotlight

Coach Spotlight is our chance to shine a light on some of the amazing graduates of the JRNI Coaching Intensive! 

Julie Martin

Name: Julie Martin of Brahmani Yoga

Julie Martin set up Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India after teaching in Brighton, UK for over 8 years. She wants you to think outside the box, get off your mat, shake up the old dogmas and find the freedom to unfold into the beauty of a yoga practice that emerges from the inside. With over 25 years of experience and an international following of students and teachers alike, Julie’s greatest aim is to inspire. Her particular passion for human movement means continual investigation of new anatomical approaches, working with natural movement, range of motion, integrated stability and letting go of some of the old asana myths in order to move with the body and not against it.

What was your biggest takeaway from the Intensive?

My biggest takeaway was that there are so many different styles of coaching. It helped me realize that there isn't necessarily a "right" or "wrong" way to coach. This was quite a relief and since we had different teachers showing us their different approaches it made it easier for me to find my own way within all the guidance provided. 

What was a moment of personal growth for you during training?

The main transformation that I experienced during the program was gaining trust in my ability to be clear.  The exercises in active listening and looking at how we frame questions helped me find a deeper clarity when I'm presenting information as a teacher or a mentor/coach or even in daily conversations with friends.  

How has your business changed as a result of taking the JRNI Intensive?

I've launched my online school which has a Mentor and Coaching program attached to it. I've been using the skills and knowledge I gained from the JRNI program to be confident enough to coach yoga teachers throughout the world.  

As I joined the program already knowing that I was launching the school and adding my mentor/coaching program I already had my niche market and branding was already done, so it was a good reminder that I was already doing the right things.  But I know it helped a lot of my cohorts.  

What would you tell someone who was interested in joining JRNI?

For me, one of the most wonderful things was the community that was created in our cohort.  There is about 8 of us who still keep in touch and encourage each other along. You get to know a lot about each other and even though you don't meet in person you really feel like true friendships are created.  Such a great connection as well with many of the teachers too. 

If someone is interested in the course I think almost anyone will find it valuable, even if you're not sure you want to be a coach.  All of the teachers had so much to share and there was loads of great work on personal development for yourself and helping others. The JRNI Intensive really opens you up to be more expansive and courageous in taking on whatever life is bringing you.

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