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September 16, 2020
Life Coach Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight features one of our amazing coaches and instructors of the JRNI Coaching Intensive! 

Lena Queen

Name: Lena Queen

Clinical Sexologist & Tranformational Life Coach

Classes Taught at JRNI Coaching:

Intro To Intersectionality

Coaching begins with understanding intersectionality and inclusivity, especially when it comes to relationship coaching. Build self-awareness, work with diverse clients, understand the importance of language, and how to connect with others through vulnerability.

“Developing an intersectional lens and approach to coaching allows room for the client’s whole self to be seen and heard within their relationships by both their partner(s) and the relationship coach in a way that nurtures and affirms one’s relationship needs.” — Lena Queen

Relationship Coaching

Coaching humans means coaching relationships — learn how to unpack relationship narratives, work through uncomfortable situations, craft the relationship vision, and go deeper on conflict resolution.

“Relationships can be messy and that means coaching can be messy. Intersectional relationship coaching affirms the process of collaboration and connection that is required to center the relationship’s intimacy, growth, and healing.” — Lena Queen

1. Three words to describe yourself

Powerful, Inspirational, Humble

2. Your superpower is:

The ability to provide others and myself room to grow.

3. What are you most passionate about and why?

Empowering others in developing their own system of self-care in their journey for peace, prosperity, protection, and pleasure.

4. Area of coaching that interests you the most and why?

Relationship Coaching, Erotic Coaching. Healing the erotic self is healing the whole self. Building healthy relationships with Self and others is foundational to healing.

5. What got you into coaching and what do you love about coaching?

As a trauma-responsive therapist, I realize not only centering a person's lived experiences was important to the processing and unpacking one's narrative, it was imperative that skills were taught into to help client sustain and maintain the healing they were working so hard to create for themselves. Coaching became the skill I used in supporting other's healing journey.

6. Your favorite thing about JRNI Coaching?

The support of the team-instructors and students alike. JRNI Coaching Intensive provides an affirming framework for growth to happen.

7. What's your #1 advice to someone who is interested in becoming a coach?

Know thyself. This will help you show up authentically in your work as a coach and develop a coaching style that is true to you. Your clients will find you.

8. Where can people find you online?

Find out more about me by visiting and on Instagram & Twitter @Sista_Sexologist.

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