Moving Clients With The 3-Step Coaching Conversation

As a coach, our number one goal is to make an impact. Helping your clients move from point A to point B is the biggest success you can achieve. We want to help people improve their lives in all the different areas that matter to them, since coaching is client-directed and client-led.

It’s important to have a strategy to encourage your clients to move forward. The thing is, this is not always easy and that's why it's important to ask powerful coaching questions. Getting stuck for clients is pretty common, so we have this 3-step coaching conversation that helps us. And it may help you and your clients too!


"Where are you now?"

It is one thing for a client to share her story and you know exactly where she is. It’s another for her to know exactly where she is. The thing is, we can keep talking about our life and share our stories, but sometimes, we can’t really see where we are in life. It's important to help your client correctly assess their current state and status so that you both understand the starting point.

Your client needs someone else to help her see, and to help her gain more clarity. This is something we always remind our coaches here at JRNI when they ask how to succeed as a coach. It starts with asking your clients where they are right now. Helping them see clearly through their own stories and narrative.


"Where do you want to be?"

This is the second step to helping your client move forward. Generally, this question garners a lot of different answers, and possibly some confusion. We all want to be in so many places at the same time. We want different things -- to have a house, be successful, have a great career, travel the world… this list goes on and on. But it's helpful for the client to pick one or two things to work on at a time. The question ‘Where do you want to be?’ is among the most powerful coaching questions and therefore, oftentimes has a powerful, vulnerable answer too.

By asking this question to your client regularly, you’re helping them with future visioning, and letting them dream of a possible future as they slowly pave a clear way to where they really want to be. You’re helping them see their true goals in life. Because we tend to be overpowered with short term or pseudo-goals, or things we think we want but we really don’t if we examine our core values and desires.


"What’s getting in the way?"

Last question is a tough one, but necessary. More often than not, it’s not just one thing. It is a series of things. A series of bumps and hiccups on the road. And until one acknowledges those bumps and hiccups, one won’t really be able to move forward. That’s why this is considered one of the most powerful coaching questions because it forces your clients to actually see what's blocking them from achieving their goals, which may not be what they originally assume. What’s blocking them from getting what they want?

After that, it's about working together to figure out an action plan to move through the things blocking them from achieving their goals, motivation and accountability along the way.

These are only three questions, folks and the very beginning of the magic to be found in the coaching conversation -- But these three questions can greatly help in facilitating lasting change in your client’s lives!

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