Five Tips to Finding the Coaching Path for You

July 4, 2019
Life Coaching

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. There’s no single best coaching program for all people. And there are different types of life coaches. But don’t get overwhelmed, we’re here to help. Finding your own unique coaching path doesn’t happen overnight. You also won't find it after reading just one article or taking one free coaching course. Most certainly not from taking random quizzes. Your coaching path, or the way wherein you build and develop your chosen coaching niche, is pretty much what will define your business overall.

Stop limiting yourself

In the same way that you ask your clients to dream big and imagine a bright and vivid future -- you need to do the same! This is a big one and definitely something all of us have done to ourselves, in one way or another. Limiting yourself really isn’t going to help you... in any way, be it business-wise or personally. This is just going to prevent you from experiencing the wide possibilities that life has to offer and may stunt you from developing skills that are useful in being a coach, and even keep you from meeting clients in the first place. Self-limitation comes in various forms, whether self-doubt, imposter syndrome, negative thinking and fear-based decision making and once you start paying more attention, it will be easier to notice them. It’s going to take perseverance, taking risks and going big to get you where you want to go -- so start thinking expansively.

Find and develop your authenticity

Being authentic plays an important role in the coaching world. There are so many coaches out there, and that number will only keep growing. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone and keeping what makes you unique hidden out of fear of losing a client. This is playing it safe. Do not play it safe when it comes to authentically connecting with others and showcasing what makes you unique! It’s most likely going to hurt your business and prevent you from growing as a person. Instead, allow yourself to find and develop your authenticity. Be real, be creative in finding the coaching path for you in the sea of different types of life coaches.

Embrace the unknown

Many people are wondering how to find a reputable life coach. As a coach with the goal of impacting other people’s lives, it will benefit you if you learn how to embrace the unknown. This sounds scary. We get it. But sometimes, it’s in the unknown where we find greatness. It’s in the unknown where we discover what we truly want, or how we want to build our career. Ask John Kim often says -- “We’re building the bus while we’re driving it.” So don’t be afraid of uncertainty, because growth takes time.

Wake up your creative genie and allow it to lead

Believe it or not, thinking creatively and finding creative solutions plays a huge role in success. Be it as a coach or an engineer or an accountant. Really, in any kind of business. Creativity also plays a huge role in finding the coaching path for you. But because we tend to play it safe, many of us erase creativity out of fear or uncertainty. After a lifetime of stifling that impulse, creativity can seem almost synonymous to ‘weird’ and ‘new’ and ‘unknown.’ All those things are scary. All those things don’t have certainty. But once you wake up your creative genie, you will realize there are so many ways to build your coaching career or use coaching alongside skills and gifts you currently possess! You will begin to open yourself to possibilities. And this is priceless, especially if you want to set yourself apart. Because when people wonder what to look for in a coach, most of the time, they’re unconsciously looking for someone who has a touch of uniqueness in their practice and can address their specific pains.

Practice your skills and take your time

Who says your first practice should be your final? That’s one of the best things about being a coach, you have the freedom to develop your own practice and the freedom to try and test various coaching methods. Thus, don’t just focus on trying to be the ‘perfect answer’ on what to look for in a coach. Focus on developing your unique practice. Focus on unlocking the power of your own story. Focus on dialing down your niche so you can best serve the people you choose. 

People are looking for different things, anyway. Furthermore, don’t stop at simply practicing your different skills, allow them to lead you as well. Even when they seem to be leading you down a path you’re not sure of. Finding the coaching path for you is a worthwhile journey towards building success as a coach.

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