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Coaching Podcast: Do Coaches Need Coaching Certification?

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February 7, 2020

The Everything Life Coaching Podcast, featuring JRNI Coaching founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux is a deep dive into the experience and business of being a life coach. In this episode of the Everything Life Coaching Podcast, we discuss coaching certifications, its role and importance. Subscribe to get all our episodes!

If you’re thinking of becoming a life coach, chances are you’re also thinking about whether or not to get certified. And where to get your certification in case you want to choose that route. Let’s first tackle the getting certified part… so, should you? Can one actually build a solid life coaching business even without getting certified? Short answer is yes.

However, certification is great for a few different reasons, and it depends on your unique goals. Coaching certification is more than just a piece of paper or a badge. It can greatly help you build a business and build trust with your potential clients and even with your audience.

What is the purpose of a coaching certification?

As mentioned, it helps build trust. When your audience and potential clients know that you are a certified life coach, they know you poured time, money and effort into developing your coaching skills. They know you are taking this coaching business seriously. And knowledge of those two can help build trust and can increase your coaching clients because people want to hire someone they trust.

Another reason why certification is important is because in order to get certified, you actually have to enroll in a program. And that program, like ours at JRNI Coaching, is going to teach you coaching theory, intervention, technique, and framework in order to build your practice. Great programs will give you the right tools to develop your own skills, to hone your expertise and teach your ou how to attract clients. In short, certification is where you learn how to make the most of each session with your clients, bringing them hope and real change in the process. 

How long do these programs take?

It all depends! Some programs only last a few days while others last weeks. At the JRNI Coaching Intensive, our program lasts 20 weeks. That may sound long but again, ask yourself -- how long is 20 weeks if I don't undertake coach training? Time will pass either way.

Most programs that take some time to finish offer you so much more than "coach in a box" one-weekend classes. Longer programs focus on teaching you how to become a coach or how to tap into your skills and develop them, and also teach you how to put yourself out there and build a real business. Such programs give you tools so you can figure out the best way to present yourself as a coach as well as your packages so you can actually find clients and build a business. For us at JRNI, it’s really important to help our students develop self-confidence and efficacy so they can pass that on to their clients.

Experiencing the certification process as a growth point

More than the work-related factors of getting certified, your experience through acquiring certification can also be considered a personal growth point. You’re not just honing your skills, widening your knowledge, and harnessing the necessary tools. You are also allowing yourself to experience something that improves your well-being as a person. If you enrolled in a good program, you will immediately notice how it helps you improve positive psychology. And as a domino effect, this will help you grow as a person, not just as a coach.

Ready to discover if coaching is right for you? Take a closer look at the JRNI Coaching Intensive, and become a coach. The world needs what you have.

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