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Coaching Podcast: How to Share Your Story as A Coach

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August 9, 2019

From a business perspective, you may have read the importance of storytelling. Especially in marketing and advertising and selling… basically every single aspect of a business. Your brand and your story should be so in sync people would barely notice the fine line between.

While the importance of storytelling in businesses is evident, it’s also necessary to know why and how to effectively share your story as a coach. The goal here, after all, is not just to tell your story, period. More than that, it is to positively impact your clients and potential clients by showing them how powerful storytelling can benefit a business and a person.

Use the platform you’re most comfortable with

Believe it or not, so many people bypass this. Staying productive is next to impossible if you want to be present in everything. That said, if your goal is to share your story as a coach, it’s highly advisable to choose a few platforms that work best for you. Even if those platforms are not what other coaches or entrepreneurs recommend. Of course, you need to be visible on platforms where your potential clients are… it’s all about balance.

Do it at your own pace

Similar to taking a life coaching certification, showcasing your story takes time. And with the latter, you actually have more say on how fast or slow you want to take it. If you’re willing to share a fairly vulnerable story, but you feel like you’re also not ‘that’ ready, allow yourself to process your thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to take time. Nobody said coaches have to have it all figured out. And most definitely, nobody said coaches have to be brave all the time.

Sometimes, allowing yourself to slow down and do things at your own pace is the bravest, wisest move you can make. And if you’re doing this from a place of honesty, your audience will know. And they will appreciate you even more for being gentle with yourself.

Be okay with being vulnerable

Vulnerability is something we’ll probably keep talking about, and for good reasons. The thing about becoming a life coach is that it takes skills, for sure. And through good life coaching certification programs, you can develop such skills. But also, it takes vulnerability. It takes an open-minded human to coach another.

That said, consider asking yourself, why do we use stories? And you will discover the role vulnerability plays. Powerful storytelling is not just plain business; it’s also a form of self-care.

Never aim for perfection

Perfection is the enemy of the good, and no matter how cliche that sounds, we stand by it. The only thing perfection will do to you is prevent you from doing amazing things because you’re too fixated on ensuring everything is perfect. Done is better than perfect!

Refrain from making sure you're telling your story perfectly, or your coaching practice is perfect to the T. Just share your story as a coach and everything else will begin to fall into place.

Know that you’re doing it for you FIRST

So, why do we use stories in our business? Why does every entrepreneur on this planet seem to believe in powerful storytelling? Because you are doing it for two reasons, sometimes unconsciously. As an entrepreneur, you may think your story is all about better showcasing your business and attracting more people.

But deep down, you’ve made the choice to share your story as a coach because you know it can impact the lives of others in a positive way, and you know that the things thast you've lived through can help others. So every time you put content out there that relates to your personal story, know you are doing it for YOU first.

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