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July 29, 2019

While the fancy home offices look great, for some people, it’s just not what they want. Some want the freedom to work anywhere they want. The freedom to make money while travelling and live a digital nomad lifestyle. The freedom to build a business from the ground up without being locked up in an office. If this sounds familiar, you are in for a treat because we’ve been obsessing lately over how to become a location independent life coach. Many of us on the JRNI team work remotely, and it works great for us -- but it's not always easy.

Being a coach is not easy, and living a digital nomad lifestyle is also not easy. So does this mean you should prepare yourself for the hardest times of your life? Not exactly...

Prep your gear

...but yes, you do need to prepare your gear. And by that, we mean your laptop, your phone, your portable internet, every thing you need as a coach. Being location independent isn't simply renting an AirBnB by the beach in Bali and working. Especially if you plan to move to a place with cheaper costs of living, you would want to make sure your gear can handle the kind of business you’re running. Because really, the last thing you’d want to happen is to actually be in that place, your first stop being location independent, and suddenly you cannot do client calls because your internet cannot handle Zoom or Skype. This will take some research to discover everything you need, but those resources are out there!

Understand you need to have more self-discipline

Self-discipline is a big one once you decide to learn more about how to become a location independent life coach. Once you weave travel into your coaching business, you will experience more “I don’t feel like working today” days not because you’re lazy, but because you’ve opened yourself to the bigger world. And all you want to do is explore. And really,  there is nothing wrong with that. But in order to live a coaching lifestyle with ultimate freedom, you need to discipline yourself and be extra on top of the details. Being a solo entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs there is! Thus, it is your job to ensure you get to travel and enjoy life, but also, that your business grows and your clients are making the most of your coaching skills.

Refrain from overwhelming yourself or multi-tasking

We all love to multitask. And if you’re a solopreneur building your business from scratch, chances are you’ve been multitasking since Day 1. That said, if you’re planning to live the digital nomad lifestyle, we highly suggest you practice multitasking less while still at home.

Because if you’re out there, exploring the world, visiting different states or different countries, multi-tasking at work will become more difficult because now you want so much more to do - at work and on your trip. How do you think will that look like? Keep in mind that being responsible is now your responsibility. Refrain from multi-tasking as much as possible and instead, be more present with every single thing you do, be it for business or for your own pleasure.

There's alot of evidence that deep focus is the way to go, and we tend to agree -- here at JRNI we break our days up into sections and focus on completing one task at a time.

Develop more intention to your business

Developing a deep intention to your business is truly important if you want to know how to become a location independent life coach. The two may seem unrelated but really, they’re deeply related. What we mean by saying develop more intention to your business is simply to truly understand why is this your business. Why life coaching? Where do you see yourself three years from now as a coach? What are your plans for this business? Understanding your connection to this thing you’re building, and your intentions is a great way to balance things.

And believe it or not, balance is important when you’re living the digital nomad lifestyle. It may be fun, as what Instagram is showing you, but it’s so much more than a laptop by the beach. The more connected and invested you are in your work, the more personal strength you will be able to draw from to push though the difficult times. Developing grit and resilience will change you, and when times are tough -- reconnecting to WHY your do what you do will keep you motivated and moving forward.

Stop trying to prove yourself to people

While there are technical details on making money while travelling, living this kind of coaching lifestyle is more of an inward journey. If you're drawn to this lifestyle and you have the space for it in your life, then you can make it happen. We can all figure out the technical skills, and the feasibility of the plan -- many people travel in RV's and trailers, or backpack across other countries where it's cheaper to live...

But for coaches, we want to stress out the inward journey, because it’s important and something many people miss. That said, one tip we do not want to miss is this, “stop proving yourself to other people.” If you know you are a good life coach, believe that. Let every single nerve in your body believe that. Focus on you, your practice, the impact you’re making in your clients’ lives, and how you feel about the life you're living.

Everything else will fall into place. It’s not a smooth journey, but the digital nomad lifestyle is so worth it.

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