Coaching Niche: What if You Don't Know What Your Niche is?

July 13, 2019
Life Coaching

If you’re at a point where you know you want to be a life coach, but you’re Googling phrases like most in demand coaching niche, chances are, you really don't know what your niche is, yet. A coaching niche is the area in which you’ll be focusing your work as a coach, and the way you discover it is to think about the type of people you want to serve + the type of coaching you want to do.

And if you’re in the process of finding your coaching niche, you may consider this a great opportunity to be extra creative. Most people feel overwhelmed when they start to uncover their coaching niche, but knowing your niche is so important. True. It is. But if you’re still unsure of it, instead of getting overwhelmed, perhaps you can see this as an opportunity to truly explore.

To discover your coaching niche, find what excites you the most

This may sound cheesy but trust us, this is way better than knowing the fastest growing coaching niches today. Instead of focusing on what makes the most money, focus on what excites you the most. Focus on what fills your heart with joy. Is it helping people improve their confidence and self esteem? Is it working with fellow coaches wondering how to know what to specialize in? Is it guiding single women who want to grow their own business? Working with divorce recovery? Those going through grief and loss? The options are endless.

Make a list of the type of people you want to work with, and notice how you feel each time you write something down. Erase the money out of the picture and just focus purely on your own feelings. This is one of the best ways to understand your connection to these types of people and to find out what excites you the most.

Know that it’s not about following the trend

Yes, we get it, trends are trends for a reason - because people are doing it. But when it comes to the coaching industry, and if you truly want to grow your business, it’s important to understand this is not about following what’s trending. You’re going to be a coach for a long time, and trends come and go. Imagine what your business would look like if financial coaching is becoming a huge trend and more coaches are shifting into financial coaching. Where would your business be?

To start the journey to finding your coaching niche, it’s best to understand it is not about following what’s trending. But rather, about being your unique self and building a practice that’s true to your skill set and talents. Allow yourself to flourish, and welcome your wild, fun ideas. Try things out and see how you feel about it. After all, finding your coaching niche isn’t an overnight process.

Find your role models

Another way to find out how to know what to specialize in is to find your role models. Which other coaches or leaders working today inspire you the most? Are you more of a John Kim type coach, or a Noelle Cordeaux? Are you drawn to the work of Mastin Kipp, Brene Brown or Nisha Moodley? Why do you think they inspire you? Why do they connect with you? Do you resonate with their story, their way of sharing, what they share, how they share? This is not about copying that coach’s practice but rather, finding clues here and there as to what resonates. And knowing why you are inspired by certain coaches is one big clue in finding your own coaching niche. Don’t just focus on what’s the fastest growing coaching niches today because it’s really not going to help you. The money may make you think “Ah, this is the niche I want to focus on!” but if you’re not that passionate about this particular niche, you will feel totally disconnected.

Define your message and begin to share

What is your message? What is it that your client desperately needs to hear, right now? What will make all the difference in their life? How do you want people to know about you? In a world where people are obsessed with knowing the most in demand coaching niche, it’s very important in the process of finding what you want to focus on, to get really clear with your message. This is a process that will take time -- building a flourishing coaching practice takes time and effort, and it will take time to connect with the right clients who will be profoundly moved by your message.

By clearly defining your message, you will find it easier to share, and once you start sharing, people will begin to take notice. Now, you can get the feel of who that messaging is attracting. Which is to say, you’re getting a glance at who your future potential clients may be. From here, you can decide if this is the niche you want or not.

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