8 Reasons Why Coaches Need to Build A Strong Community

June 20, 2019

Social support is not easy to find, especially when embarking on the journey towards becoming a life coach. It’s easy to find friends and to be supported by family and colleagues, but the kind of people that stick with you no matter what? The kind of people who let you be the weirdest, funniest, even most naïve version of yourself without judgement?

These people are not easy to find. And yet, they are so beneficial. Whatever you call this group -- community, tribe, network or otherwise -- they're vital to your own strong growth as a life coach and here’s why.

They remind you of the beauty of connectedness

As we always say at JRNI, humans are tribal creatures and you don't have to do life alone. Being connected is one of the best gifts this universe could ever give us. As you go through a life coaching program, you'll make friends and grow close to your small group of peers and fellow coaches during the program. But life can get in the way – we become more and more busy, our priorities change, our journeys and the roads we walk on change, and the next thing we know we’ve lost contact with the people we care about, deeply.

But with a strong community, no matter where you are in the world, they won’t need you to be with them physically, at least not all the time. A strong community will check in with you no matter how busy life gets and this is the beauty of connectedness.

They’re a safe space to be you

It’s normal to be anxious and be insecure sometimes. It’s also normal have lots of questions about life and be uncertain of so many things, especially when working towards life coach certification, launching your coaching practice and working towards your own coaching goals. But these are things we tend to hide because as human beings and with the kind of society we live in today, we’re wired to know everything, to be perfect, and to always keep our head up. Some days, we just don’t know a good reason to keep our head up.

Your community will your safe space for this. No judgement, no disowning you… they will be there to answer your questions, help you with your insecurities, and hear you when you voice your fears and doubts. Some things are just so embarrassing to share to the world, and with a community, we don’t have to deal with those embarrassing things on our own.

life coaches working together

They will hold you together when you feel like falling apart

It’s not easy to find people who will stick around even in the worst times. Many turn their back on their friends who are struggling because it’s convenient for them. Others just don’t want to deal with it at all. Whatever the reason is, people find it easy to turn their backs on others.

But if you’re able to build a strong community, you know you will always have people who will hold you together when you feel like falling apart. And when you fall apart, these people will stick around. It’s not easy to find a community but when you do, never take them for granted.

They’ll teach you faith and belief like no other

Faith in friendship, love, humanity in general and everything in between – this is not something we can learn easily. This takes time and more often than not, it also takes a lot of trial and error. We build up the ability to trust by practicing trusting people, in small amounts and then slowly trusting more and more. But that’s what your community is for. Your good friends are there to remind you that being faithful to people and believing in them will not only be good for you but also for them.

Your coaching community is made up of people who get it, who are all working to find clients, hone their brands and launch their own unique coaching practices. These are the very people who will always believe in you and will have faith in you, and isn’t that a good thing to know?

They’ll support you but will also hold you accountable

If you have a good network who's able to keep you accountable, even when it's not easy to hear then consider yourself lucky. You’ve just found your community. Our communities support us like no other and part of that is accountability and motivation, even when we'd rather not hear it. They’re the best cheerleader we can ask for.

But at the same time, when we become our stubborn selves, and we do get to that point multiple times in life, our community will also be the ones to keep us going, and keep us honest.

They will carry your pain with you

Your coaching community will always be your people no matter what, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s not easy to find those who will stick around for better and for worse. And with a strong community, you won’t have to live in secret or carry pain on your own ever again. They know when to carry it with you. They know exactly when to help you out.

These are the kinds of people who won’t leave you because you’re feeling terrible; they’ll sit beside you and feel with you. And that, in these days, is a rarity. JRNI is proud of our community, we've laughed together, cried together and held each other when things have fallen apart.

They’ll listen tirelessly

Another reason why having a strong community is vital is that you will always have people who will listen to you. From one crazy idea to another, from one wild dream to another, these people are in it for the long haul. They won’t hate you for tirelessly talking about your idea of becoming a life coach, testing out a coaching program, launching a coaching podcast or any other big dreams you have -- that's what we're all here for! 

They won’t get tired of you yapping about the same big ideas or the same boring aspects of business or administration. Your community will always listen, and having people who will always hear you is priceless.

They’ll allow you to grow however you want

And the best part of having a strong coaching community and network? They are the folks who will allow you to grow however you want to grow – no matter how slow, no matter how much you change your course, no matter how complex the growing journey may be.

And the beauty of it is, your community will also grow with you. You won’t have to deal with this sometimes-confusing world on your own, there's a place where you can find your voice, unlock the power of your story and launch your practice.

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