The Basics of Positive Psychology: What You Need to Know

June 10, 2019
Health and Wellness

‘Positive psychology’ is a term that’s being used more and more these days. In some cases, it is linked to coaching certification or, specifically, life coaching certification. In other cases, people just Google it because it’s been coming up over and over again on their social media feeds. But what exactly is positive psychology and how can we benefit from understanding more about it?

What is positive psychology?

Simply put, positive psychology is a branch of psychological studies that focuses on happiness. It’s a scientific study that deep-dives into what makes life worth living? What makes us happy? Through positive psychology, we examine our lives through a different lens, a psychological lens, which helps us better understand our way of living – where we are right now, where we want to go, how happy are we about our current situation, and everything in between.

Another important thing to note about positive psychology is that is not just about happiness. It is also about figuring out our purpose. It’s about knowing what makes us inspired to wake up every single day, how things impact us, and how we want to make impact in the world. All these things fall under positive psychology and it’s actually a good thing that more and more people today are gaining knowledge and interest on this.

Psychology professor Christopher Peterson was among the pioneering researchers in positive psychology and according to him, it’s a movement that’s founded on three maxims: “What is good in life is as genuine as what is bad.… What is good in life is not simply the absence of what is problematic.… And third, the good life requires its own explanation, not simply a theory of disorder stood sideways or flipped on its head.”

What are its benefits?

So, why in the world would you want to know more about positive psychology? Well, that depends on you. But in general, people want to know more about this because of its long list of positive impact on our lives.

Through gaining a deeper understanding about positive psychology and how it works, we also gain understanding on how it applies to us and how it allows us to understand and get to know ourselves better. This study will help us identify our strengths and weaknesses, and give us a clearer view on what’s important for us or, what exactly do we want in life. It sheds light on the things that fill us with joy. It does not erase the negativity but rather, it gives us tools that make it easy for us to deal with failure and other negativity in life.

Moreover, positive psychology also helps us shift our perspective. It’s not about being positive all the time but learning how to navigate through the negative times without stressing ourselves too much. It promotes balance in our lives and more often than not, such balance is placed on the back burner.

Why would you want positive psychology in your life?

We can do a long list of reasons here, but perhaps the main reason why we want to introduce positive psychology in our lives is because its benefits are simply priceless. What positive psychology does to a person is not just going to last a few months but rather, it’s going to last forever. Everything you learn about this will teach you how to get to know yourself better and therefore, how you can improve yourself as well.

We are different individuals. What makes us happy vary. What inspires us vary. But through positive psychology, we’re allowing ourselves to discover more about us in a way that’s unique to us. And this is something that’s going to impact us over and over again, and it will allow us to live a satisfactory life – the kind we’re actually happy to live.

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