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Irreverent Gamechangers

We get asked a lot about that word "irreverent," and what it means to the Catalyst Coaching Intensive. It represents the kind of vibrant, live-out-loud spirit we embody as an organization and look for in our potential coaches.

We seek to dismantle the systems that hold each of us back unfairly.
We create opportunities for everyone to succeed.

We leave the status quo behind.
We commit to creating a life we truly love.

We won't be bound by the expectations that were set for us before we were even born.  
We write our own roadmaps and make our own future.

We are hungry for more and commit to living life to the fullest, whatever that looks like for each of us.

The Catalyst Coaching Intensive is for those who are tired of the system.
It’s for genuine gamechangers who have a strong desire to create lasting change in the lives of others and are determined to succeed on their own terms.

Life Coaching PODCAST

John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, JRNI founders
Want to learn more about the science behind coaching? John Kim (The Angry Therapist) and Noelle Cordeaux (CEO of JRNI) are teaming up to tackle the big world of positive psychology, meaning and life coaching.  
New episodes weekly, special guest interviews, science, magic and more.
The next cohort of The Catalyst Intensive begins October 21st, 2018, and runs for 16 consecutive weeks. Continue 2018 with a renewed understanding of your goals, and a fresh slate to build your coaching practice.
First things first, should you become a life coach?
Based on your responses, you’d make an incredible life coach.
“Okay, cool, but where do I start?”

Your Journey Starts with Knowing Your Coaching Archetype

Your archetype is a summary of your personality, style, and current skill set. It’s what gives you a natural advantage as a coach and helps you understand your innate strengths.

*Drumroll, please*

you're The Seeker

...and you're meant to help others with your one of a kind spiritual and empathy driven approach.

Here's what your seeker style means:

You have an innate ability to understand and share the feelings of other people.
You have genuine curiosity and excitement about the world around you.
You are capable of holding space for someone and making them feel supported.
You have the gift of knowing how to empower people to be their best self.
You're a safe haven for vulnerability, sharing, and accountability.
In a nutshell, people are drawn to you like bees 'round a honeypot because you see people as human beings (and not potential clients with $$$).

You most likely followed a traditional route. You know... went to college, got a degree or two, worked a 9-to-5 job.
One too many times, you plopped yourself down on the sofa at the end of a long day while sipping a cup of PG Tips tea and thought to yourself:
"Look at you living life to the fullest!"
Yeah, you most likely asked, "Is this all there is to it?"
Sticking to the status quo has never been your strongest suit.
If that wasn't bad enough, life snuck up on you and threw you a curveball. Illness. Divorce. Death.
Then just like that you were reborn.
And on your journey to self-discovery, you stumbled upon this thing called life coaching.

Now what?

Still Feeling Skeptical About the Whole Coaching Thing?

You're probably thinking...

"I'm in the midst of getting my sh*t together. What if I'm not good enough yet?"

The thought of being found out is scaring the bejesus out of you.
So you think it's best to continue with your self-improvement until you feel ready.
But if we're being honest, you know you will never feel ready.
Totally normal to feel this way, btw.

Here's what we mean by that…

Let's Get SCIENCY!

You're hardwired to think negatively of yourself. Thanks to the psychological phenomenon called negativity bias.

"The evolutionary perspective suggests that this tendency to dwell on the negative more than the positive is simply one way the brain tries to keep us safe."

It's not you. It's your brain.

But here's the thing:

you're curious about life coaching because you're naturally inclined to help people.

That's the superpower you should harness to beat your biases.

How do you do that?
Glad you asked.


You have a breadth of experience—failures, losses, and heartbreaks included—and it has shaped who you have become. The whole you that could be a catalyst for change in another person's life.

And if you can't change that person despite busting out all the life coaching tools and techniques you know, remember that it's not a reflection of how good of a coach you are.

Important note to self:

It's NOT your job as a life coach to fix your client. Coaching is client-led, after all. If you listen actively, look at how you frame questions, and help people get unstuck as they come to their own conclusions on how to achieve their specific goals, you're golden.


We'll always have struggles within ourselves. Don't let that stop you from becoming a life coach. As an empathic human who cares about understanding what people are going through so you can help them live the way they've always wanted, you'll provide a lot of value in the world of coaching.

Want to learn more about how to switch careers and create a coaching practice you love? 

Get actual answers on how to lose your fears and launch a coaching business you LOVE in this online workshop.

Learn from John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, founders of JRNI Coaching as they speak honestly about what it takes to step into your own story, and create a viable business.



Here are the unique qualities and characteristics you already possess to set you up for coaching success

Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

"I appreciate each individual's skills and unique perspective."


“I feel a sense of hopefulness about the future, and it makes me excited to wake up each morning."


"I have a purpose and a calling that is greater than myself. Fulfilling them leads to a life full of grace."

Own these traits and you'll undoubtedly become a successful coach. Because being true to YOU is how you make real connections.

Speaking of which, wanna meet a coach with the same signature strengths as you?


Meet Jamie Rea who went from struggling service industry server to in demand life & relationship coach

"My life was falling apart. I couldn't find steady work as a server in the service industry. I was broke. Nothing was going right in my life. My apartment floor was filled with black mold and my physical health was suffering.

All this while I was beginning to date someone who was a professional relationship coach. I also was getting TONS of messages through email and over social media from people who were reading my articles and blogs, telling me how much my words and articles were literally changing their lives and helping them through a dark time.

All this while I was beginning to go through a spiritual awakening. I honestly felt called to the world of coaching at this time in a way I could have never anticipated. It was wild and serendipitous how all these events were colliding together. I realized there was something much deeper and more impactful I was here to do, and that path was through becoming a coach and teacher in this space."

Jamie Rea


your life coaching practice

I know this might feel like we're moving pretty fast here, but it's crystal clear that you'd make an amazing life coach. If you're ready to move forward and start the process, here's your coaching career game plan.

Step 1:

Make the decision

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're not good enough yet. Especially when you're in the middle of a major life transition and a process of self-acceptance.

When it comes to life coaching, you may not have everything figured out right now. Guess what? It's okay. Trust the evolution. 

There's no perfect time to become a coach.​​​​​​​

The question is, do you have it in you to take the first step and boldly claim that you are, or you want to be, a life coach?

Step 2:


Be hyperaware of the scammy Sammies. There's a lot of B.S. life coaching programs out there, promising certifications overnight. What?! (For comparison, JRNI Coaching Intensive provides certification after a 20-week training.)

You need to make sure you get exactly what you need from the life coach training program you choose.

  • Do you vibe with their message?
  • Do they help you pursue your purpose in life?
  • Do they help you understand your own unique coaching style and get comfortable with it?
  • Do they help discern what individuals you can serve best after determining your niche?
  • Do they provide the structure, tools and science not only to heal people but to help them grow?
  • ​Do they have an interactive community that fosters a sense of belonging, strong connections, and integral partnerships?

Finally, pick the training duration that you will realistically stick with and feels comfortable for you. And when it comes to the cost, remember that you're investing in the foundation of a potential career that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Step 3:

practice with confidence

Choose practice over perfection and show up as an imperfect human instead of as someone who has it all figured out. Coaching can be natural and intuitive after some training, which makes it a practice. Weave it into your lifestyle by helping, supporting, and coaching your family, friends, and even strangers. Maybe you already have this lifestyle. Keep at it.

And that's just for starters.

Want to learn more about how to switch careers and create a coaching practice you love? 

Get actual answers on how to lose your fears and launch a coaching business you LOVE in this online workshop.

Learn from John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, founders of JRNI Coaching as they speak honestly about what it takes to step into your own story, and create a viable business.


“Who’s dishing out all this life coaching wisdom, anyway?”


Catalyst Intensive founder Noelle Cordeaux
I'm The Professional who went through 5 career changes until life coaching helped me overcome my life issues.

Noelle Cordeaux

JRNI CEO and Co-Founder

I thought I wanted to be a police officer. Or a lawyer. Perhaps a teacher. I assumed all these different careers would help me find that elusive special something. But I still felt broken.

I went into therapy for years, but I never got to the place where I had concrete action steps to cultivate confidence and happiness.

Then I discovered the science of applied positive psychology. And my Professional brain broke in the best way possible.

I thought to myself: "Oh, this is what I've been looking for." It's this life-changing, transformative technique that makes sense of the world and makes sense of who I am.

And I knew I wanted to bring that to other people such as yourself—currently through my work as CEO of JRNI Coaching, and through being a feminist scholar, ICF-certified coach and speaker who specializes in the relationship with the self.

Catalyst Intensive founder Noelle Cordeaux
I'm The Seeker who experienced a rebirth as an unconventional therapist and life coach after my failed marriage.

John Kim

JRNI Co-Founder, The Angry Therapist

I was meant to lose my way. Because it's only after seeing failure after failure—from career to relationships—that I found myself.

I thought I was going to be a screenwriter. Glad I didn't become one. Instead, I clocked in thousands of hours studying and working in therapy school, rehabs, for-profit and nonprofit centers. And that's when I finally made sense of my story.

I used my Seeker character strengths as my compass in my journey of self-discovery. My love for connecting with people shone through my string of failures. And I stumbled upon that elusive special something that I couldn't have discovered had I not gotten lost: a sense of purpose.

I found a novel way of helping people not only as a licensed marriage and family therapist but as a life coach. And I want to share that with you so you can build a life that you love.

Our shared love of coaching and helping others brought us together almost a decade ago. But the coaching programs we wanted didn't exist then, and so we knew we had to create one that would have resonated to us as humans.

Keep reading, and we'll show you a sneak peek of how we teach the techniques and methods that have helped our clients make progress in their own lives.

“Never give up on someone. Sometimes the answers you are looking for are the same answers another person is looking for. Two people searching together are always better than one person alone.”
― Shannon L. Alder


In your continuing journey of self-discovery, take these curated resources along for the ride. Use them as a guide in your exploration of a career in life coaching.


Boy, oh boy, are you gonna be rewarded for your dedication! Now that you're part of the JRNI fam, you'll be the first to know whenever we come up with more ways to serve our community.

You'd make a great coach, so let's dive deeper and go over all the wonderful pathways that your coaching career might take via our workshop. Looking forward to connecting with you, Seeker.