Business Summit 2021

The JRNI Business Summit is a time to gain exposure to all things growing your coaching business in a way that works for you!
July 24th, 2021 on ZOOM
8am PT - 4ishpm PT

What to Expect

Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Panels and More

It's time to get together with your JRNI coaching community for learning, business development, growth and putting a plan in place to continue your unique coaching journey.

Connect with Others

Learn from expert presenters and coaches, spend time with John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, connect with other coaches in your chosen field, find collaborators and hatch new plans for 2021 and beyond.

Grow Your Business Skillset

Level up your coaching skills with workshops and instruction designed to motivate and inspire. Learn from your peers and outside instructors with a special emphasis on playing to your strengths.

Noelle Cordeaux and John Kim
The next cohort of The Catalyst Intensive begins October 21st, 2018, and runs for 16 consecutive weeks. Continue 2018 with a renewed understanding of your goals, and a fresh slate to build your coaching practice.

Irreverent Gamechangers

We get asked a lot about that word "irreverent," and what it means to the Catalyst Coaching Intensive. It represents the kind of vibrant, live-out-loud spirit we embody as an organization and look for in our potential coaches.

We seek to dismantle the systems that hold each of us back unfairly.
We create opportunities for everyone to succeed.

We leave the status quo behind.
We commit to creating a life we truly love.

We won't be bound by the expectations that were set for us before we were even born.  
We write our own roadmaps and make our own future.

We are hungry for more and commit to living life to the fullest, whatever that looks like for each of us.

Sessions & Descriptions

Catalyst Intensive founder John Kim also known as The Angry Therapist

How to Write, Publish and Sell a Book

with John Kim and Hilary Swanson

Want to publish a book but not sure where to start? Learn the process of taking a book from idea to finished product with John Kim and his editor, Hilary Lynn Swanson. Go beyond pen and paper and discover the many steps it takes to bring your idea to life. We'll go through the process from A to Z with plenty of time for questions and answers as well.

Catalyst Intensive founder Noelle Cordeaux

Systems & Routines for Less Stress & More Growth

with Ashley Zink

I'll walk you through the high-performance systems that I use with my clients to create routines and habits that will allow you to focus on what matters most for your business. We'll do a simple exercise that will help you identify what you're meant to do more of and what you can ditch because it's getting in your way. Plus, I'll share my top organization tools and resources

Deanna Moffitt

Stills, Stories, Streaming: The New Social Media Mastery

with Jaclyn Mullen

Social media is changing at a rapid pace. Give yourself a leg up by thinking about a blend of content types: still photos, stories and streaming (we're thinking IGTV, Reels, TikTok or Youtube Live!) as well as tools and techniques to help you effectively utilize the best format for your brand and business.

Lena Queen, L.C.S.W., M.ED.

Developing a Workshop using the 5-Step Coaching process

with Charisse M. Williams

In this session, you will learn how to create a powerful workshop using a framework you already know...the 5 step coaching process! This is a hands on, practical session for people who have an idea of what they want to create and are ready to get to work creating it. Think of this as a working session to not only bring your idea to life, but to gain the confidence to put it out there.

Catalyst Intensive founder John Kim also known as The Angry Therapist

Create Influence and Build Credibility Through Podcasting

with Mary Chan

Imagine stripping away the fear of being on camera and using only your voice to truly tell your story and sell your products or services to your ideal client. Connect emotionally and authentically with your audience by using the power of your voice through the very intimate medium of podcasting. By using the power of your voice, you can skyrocket your awareness, credibility, and influence by launching your own podcast! In this session, you'll learn more deeply about why podcasting is so powerful to build your credibility and influence and the basics of how to start a podcast.

Catalyst Intensive founder Noelle Cordeaux

Legal 101 for Coaches

with Valerie Del Grosso

In this actionable presentation, coaches will leave with three simple steps they can take today to sign their first or next coaching client from a legal standpoint, without accidentally empowering content thieves or inviting client payment drama, so they can confidently put their best work in the world without nagging legal concerns.

Deanna Moffitt

Overcoming Money Worries And Wounds To Wealth

with Bri Firestone

In this session, Bri will cover common money worries and money wounds that can derail your path to wealth in your coaching business and simple actions you can start taking to build a wealthy mindset and cash positive practice. Bonus: Bri will give you her favorite money tool for coaches.

Lena Queen, L.C.S.W., M.ED.

Panel Discussion:
Making the Leap to Full-time Coach

with JRNI Coaches

Wondering how to make the leap from part time coach/side hustle to full time coach? These panelists have navigated that journey and are eager to share what they’ve learned with you. If you have specific questions or want to start the process of becoming a full time coach, get the facts you need to make the leap.

Catalyst Intensive founder John Kim also known as The Angry Therapist

Coaching Fees, Pricing & Packages – Oh My!

with Chris Clark and Rena Martine

Wondering how to set your pricing – hourly, packages, a signature program, or…? Let’s talk about how to deliver transformational results for your clients while commanding your FULL value as a coaching professional. Learn from two JRNI coaches who’ve followed very different paths toward building a sustainable practice. We’ll break down coaching industry benchmarking data, several different revenue models for hitting your income goals, and how to launch a flagship coaching program.

Catalyst Intensive founder John Kim also known as The Angry Therapist

Reflective Inquiry: Coach the Person, Not their Problem

with Juliann Wiese

What does it mean to coach the person rather than the problem? At a high level, it’s the difference between having a transactional conversation, or a transformational one!  We will discuss ways to focus our inquiry, so as to provoke and encourage the client’s critical thinking about their own thoughts, not on finding solutions for their external challenges.  We will share examples of coaching to create the distinctions between coaching the problems, (looking for external solutions) and coaching the person, (focusing on the internal thinking, motivation, obstacles and self-limiting beliefs). We will cover the steps of Reflective Inquiry, take a deeper look at our questioning approach, and call out some of the common coaching challenges that get in the way of transformational coaching.

Catalyst Intensive founder John Kim also known as The Angry Therapist

Brainstorm Your Brand on a Page

with Joyce Chen

Brainstorm your brand using a one page framework to help you ideate the beginnings of how to build your personal brand. We will use a framework to help identify the beginnings of themes of how you can start to mine ideas and thoughts that will contribute to you building your personal brand. This is an additional framework that complements the branding sessions you already use through JRNI coursework.

Catalyst Intensive founder John Kim also known as The Angry Therapist

How to Write Copy that Connects

with Chris Clark

What does it really mean to “share your story” as a coach? In this session, we’ll tackle the fundamentals of constructing persuasive copy. Learn how to get the most bang from your writing time to develop crisp content that works across channels: social media, blog, website, enewsletter, etc. Come away with strategies for communicating the essence of your story and services… in a way that both informs and engages prospective clients. A 20-year veteran of the copy wars, Chris held positions as a nonprofit fundraiser (read: sales), staff writer and director of strategic communications in her former life. She currently serves as JRNI’s blog manager and lead social media copywriter, while running an active coaching practice that just never seems to get enough of her writing attention (it’s not just you, friends!)

Catalyst Intensive founder John Kim also known as The Angry Therapist

A Faster Path to Soul-Aligned Clients

with Michelle Rabell

Are you struggling to get clients, too overwhelmed to know where to begin, or feeling out of integrity when you try?In this fun and dynamic workshop, you’ll learn how to AUTHENTICALLY find, attract, and engage your ideal clients a lot faster than you thought possible – without complicated marketing tactics (you don’t even need to have a website) or feeling like you’re selling your soul.

Catalyst Intensive founder Noelle Cordeaux

Your Soul Centered Sales Call Script

with Meredith McCreight

A workshop for heart-centered service providers who want to learn how to confidently sell their services to the right clients. Understand the components of a sales call that feels authentic, fun, and never slimy or pushy. We’ll walk through the anatomy of a successful sales call and craft your personalized script one section at a time.  You’ll walk away from this workshop knowing how to confidently lead your initial (sales) calls with prospective clients. No more fear of asking for money or of telling someone they aren't a good fit. You’ll even learn how to get comfortable with hearing “no”! Sign more clients with less pressure by using this simple script that is completely customizable to your preferred speaking style and offerings

Deanna Moffitt

New Coaches: 
Ditch What Doesn’t Matter (and Do What Does)

with Sharon Bakcht

As a new coach are you totally overwhelmed by ALL the THINGS? Do I build a website or go on social media? Do I build a workshop or coach 1:1? How do I get clients? I’m putting myself out there, but I have no idea... is this really working? Every successful coach will tell you to do it their way. I’m here to tell you to do it YOUR way. Don’t twist yourself into a pretzel trying to become a social influencer if that’s not your jam. Showing up with authenticity and knowing when to say NO are your secret weapons. In this session you will learn what NOT to do when starting a coaching business, how to ditch the FOMO of what everyone else is doing, and how to identify what will feel authentic AND move the needle for your business.

Lena Queen, L.C.S.W., M.ED.

How to Use the Power of Story to Grow Your Coaching Business

with Stephanie Hiser

Learn a powerful, proven 7 part messaging framework that you can use for your website, social media, blog posts, webinars and more that leverages the most meaningful way human beings engage with one another: story. -Learn why brands who position themselves as the Guide instead of the Hero do more business. -Learn about your clients internal, external and philosophical problems (and how to position your coaching product as the solution to all three of those problems). -Learn how to use empathy and authority to deeply connect with your ideal client, and more.Each participant will leave with a completed brandscript that will help them clarify their message as well as a solid understanding of how to fill out a brandscript for any piece of marketing collateral they want to write in the future.

Lena Queen, L.C.S.W., M.ED.

Working Lunch: Building a Word of Mouth Business

with John Kim & Noelle Cordeaux

Gather for an informal lunch break and hear John and Noelle's stories and experiences with building a word of mouth business in the modern age.



Will I be able to attend all sessions?
You will select four sessions to attend on the day-of. All sessions are recorded and will be available for six weeks after the event.

Is this event happening in person?

No! This is a virtual event, held on July 24th, 2021.

Is this open to the public?
No! This virtual event is ONLY for JRNI coaches, instructors, students and graduates. No friends, spouses or children please. We want you to have time to focus on your business, and connect deeply with others.

I have another question.
Email us at support@jrni.co, we'd be happy to help.

The Catalyst Coaching Intensive is for those who are tired of the system.
It’s for genuine gamechangers who have a strong desire to create lasting change in the lives of others and are determined to succeed on their own terms.

Life Coaching PODCAST

John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, JRNI founders
Want to learn more about the science behind coaching? John Kim (The Angry Therapist) and Noelle Cordeaux (CEO of JRNI) are teaming up to tackle the big world of positive psychology, meaning and life coaching.  
New episodes weekly, special guest interviews, science, magic and more.
The next cohort of The Catalyst Intensive begins October 21st, 2018, and runs for 16 consecutive weeks. Continue 2018 with a renewed understanding of your goals, and a fresh slate to build your coaching practice.